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iRacing Season 4 Patch 1 Hotfix addresses recent oval restart issues

The latest hotfix for iRacings 2022 Season 4 Patch 1 will hopefully fix a recent error in the Oval restart procedure, among other needed fixes.

A hotfix for the 2022 iRacing Season 4 Patch 1 was released on Thursday (September 22, 2022) and it hoped to fix a recent issue that was entering the equation for the eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series at their last event at Bristol Motor Speedway had crept in .

During the race, eNASCAR Playoff driver Matt Bussa was involved in an incident on lap 100 of the 175-lap event. The ensuing incident, also involving fellow playoff player Casey Kirwan, cost Bussa enough track time during the yellow flag slowdown lap to have him trapped behind the pace car but still ahead of the leader at the end of the race leadership round.

Typically, the game does one of two things in these situations. A driver is either waved around if they are between the leader and the pacecar, or if the game determines that they had some involvement in the caution, they are sent to the back of the line. However, on shorter distances, some iRacers at official and unofficial races reported that they found this procedure to be erratic at times.

eNASCAR Coca-Cola: Ryan Luza plays playoff spoilers in Bristol

Apparently in this scenario, the game got mixed up on the matter and overlapped, resulting in Bussa and later Garrett Manes becoming the control car for the restart, simultaneously waving them around and sending them to the end of the line. When their cars entered the new iRacing start zone, the race restarted incorrectly and these drivers also received black flags for ignoring start zone procedures.

Bussa would serve out his penalty and eventually finish 28th, several laps later after another incident later in the race. Manes, on the other hand, was able to have his penalty clarified by race control, but the race was restarted in the middle of turn 3 with the pace car still on the track.

Essentially, these incidents wouldn’t affect the playoff picture all that much, other than Bussa originally catching laps before later retiring, but there’s a bit of contention about something happening in time for next week’s race at Talladega Playoff format could be updated and the playoff finals in Homestead-Miami. We’ll have to wait and see if this is the case.

To explain it the way it looked, the game determines a control car based on how the cars line up behind the pace car. But… if a car isn’t supposed to be there because the game should have been waving at them, it could get confused and award the control car to a lapped car.

— Justin Melillo (@justinmelillo) September 14, 2022

Anyway, in the update iRacing explained the mechanics of what they found, why this happened and that hopefully this will be fixed with the hotfix in the future. I personally encountered the bug in a league race at on Sunday night, same location in game, Bristol Motor Speedway. We were able to work around the issue by manually waving at the driver before he reached the starting zone.

iRacing didn’t specifically mention that this was an oval-specific issue, mind you, but in my experience this seems to mostly happen on the short ovals. Other updates in the hotfix focus on the new damage model updated in the Season 4 2022 build and tweaked in the first patch last week.

The hotfix further refines the stats for cars like the 1987 NASCAR stock cars, the Dirt Sprint Car, and a trio of street cars like the Aston Martin DBR9 GT1, Chevrolet Corvette C6.R, and Ford GT2/GT3. Check out the full release notes for the hotfix below.

Unique iRacing update by Dale Earnhardt Jr. for 1987 NASCAR stock cars

2022 iRACING Season 4 Patch 1 Hotfix Release Notes:

iRACING user interface:


  • If iRacing detects that you are using an unsupported version of Windows, or iRacing is currently set to use a Windows compatibility mode for an unsupported version of Windows, a warning message will be displayed when iRacing is launched (if possible).



  • Added support for disconnecting triggers on more XInput devices.

race control

  • Fixed an issue on tracks like Wheatland where the pace car would exit immediately past the start/finish line after going green. So if the leaders haven’t yet crossed the start/finish line, the race could instead go green immediately to let them do the last pace lap.
  • Fixed an issue where cars involved in incidents leading to precautions were incorrectly flagged in the pace order. This could result in them waving around on the one to green right after they’re pushed to the end of the line, but then they’re immediately pushed in behind the pace car in front of the field, negating the wave around and losing their position.
  • Fixed an issue with the tire compound change rule where the pace car would indicate that it had to change its tire compounds or it would be disqualified.
  • Split times now use the correct precision to ensure that the displayed values ​​in the simulation and the results match exactly.
  • Fixed an issue that could result in user laps being marked as invalid if they exited qualifying in an unscored state. This could also affect future events hosted on this race server.


  • Fixed an issue with the left/right calls in the Spanish language spotter pack.
  • – – Thank you, Ari Cejas!

user interface

  • Fixed an issue with the F1 black box that resulted in Driver Ahead/Behind lap times not being reported.
  • Fixed an issue in the Session Information tab where the units of measure were not updating properly when their format was changed.


NASCAR Classic 1987 cars

  • The yield and fracture limits for most body parts have been reduced.

Aston Martin DBR9 GT1

  • Increased yield limits from roof mounts.

Chevrolet Corvette C6.R

  • Decreased yield limits for nose, hood, and tail mounts.

dirt late model

  • (Limited and Pro) – Fixed an issue where these cars had the wrong DIRTcar sponsorship.

Dirt Sprint Cars (All)

  • NDM material properties have been updated for this vehicle.

Ford GT2/GT3

  • Increased yield limits from roof mounts.

Modified – NASCAR Whelen Tour modified

  • iRacing setups have been updated with a street setup.

Super late model

  • iRacing setups have been updated with a bullring setup.

Ford Mustang GT supercar

  • iRacing setups have been updated.

Supercar Holden ZB Commodore

  • iRacing setups have been updated.

[Legacy] NASCAR Cup Chevrolet SS – 2013

  • iRacing setups have been updated.

[Legacy] NASCAR Cup Ford Fusion – 2016

  • iRacing setups have been updated.


Tour of America

  • Slightly adjusted track surface parameters. This leads to a very slight reduction in grip.

Fuji International Speedway

  • Slightly adjusted track surface parameters. This leads to a very slight reduction in grip.

Hockenheimring Baden-Württemberg

  • (All PEC configurations) – Fixed an issue that caused an error message about BMX files.

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