iRacing – Weather system and tire modeling update

iRacing’s latest announcement on their official social media channels may come as a surprise to some, but was highly anticipated by others. The post includes an image that speaks for itself along with a brief but meaningful review that would be of great interest to the platform’s customers and enthusiasts.

The rain: A loved and hated element in motorsport

Weather can make or break a motorsport competition and rain is often the star of the show when it does appear. Its unpredictability makes it almost impossible to simulate, and each corner or lap can present a different challenge for drivers. It affects the car’s performance, strategy, and driving style in numerous ways, and it could take a twenty-page essay to cover all of its implications.

Other simulators have included weather options for a while, but the Massachusetts-based iRacing team has been working on their development for a long time. The last update we saw was a picture of the HUB, but let’s move on to the new post.

No April Fool’s joke here. The iRacing team is making great strides with graphical, physical and weather based systems. Tire modeling has also recently reached a significant milestone!

Enjoy this totally real screenshot today in the midst of all the pranks and fakes on the internet!

— (@iRacing) April 1, 2023

Weather and tire modeling update from iRacing

The screenshot they shared is completely genuine and not fake, unlike many April Fool’s jokes circulating the internet today. The iRacing team seems pleased with the progress they’ve made in developing their platform. They have highlighted the milestone they have reached in tire modelling, which is a significant achievement considering how important tires are in connecting the new wet asphalt to driving performance.

This will no doubt have a significant impact on the user experience of the platform, making it a more immersive and engaging platform for racing enthusiasts.

See you on the track!

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