Is iRacing Announcing the Launch of a Cadillac V-Series.R Hypercar?

Already in its inaugural 2023 season, iRacing introduced its members to the BMW M Hybrid V8, the first LMDh/GTP car that would compete in endurance races on the 2023 motorsport calendar, such as the Rolex 24 at Daytona and the 24 Hours of Daytona Le Mans .

The BMW is just one of the cars competing in this LMDh or GTP class, depending on whether it’s WEC or IMSA. There are many more OEMs competing at this level and on Friday (May 12) we may have been teased with yet another manufacturer joining the iRacing service… perhaps as early as the 2023 Season 3 build in June?

Given the references to the footage shot on Belle Isle in Detroit, a sneak peek at the top of the car, a sneak peek at the rear’s shadow, and of course the noise we hear in the short clip, we have our it there is a suspicion that this could be the Cadillac GTP. That’s by no means an endorsement, but it certainly sounds like the right thing to do.

The Cadillac V-Series.R LMDh/GTP is General Motors’ solution for the new LMDh/GTP classification, which will apply from 2023. It competes against the BMW as well as the Acura ARX-06 and the Porsche 963 in IMSA competition. At the upcoming Le Mans event, Cadillac will have three grid positions among two teams.

For fans of endurance racing and these new hypercars, there seems to be a firm consensus online that it’s a Caddy. Earlier in the year there were rumors from Chip Ganassi Racing’s Renger van der Zande that in some ways iRacing was “pretty close” to having or scanning the car.

In IMSA and WEC competition, Chip Ganassi Racing (Cadillac Racing) and Action Express (Whelen Engineering) use the Cadillac GTPs so it could possibly be a scan of one of their cars. However, based on van der Zande’s comment, I’m leaning towards Chip Ganassi Racing.

So far there has been no formal announcement and nothing has been posted on the iRacing forums. If and when this car falls must also be determined. We were right about Willow Springs last week and while there hasn’t been an official post on it yet, it was mentioned in today’s iRacing Downshift episode.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that sooner than later we find out what we think is the case.

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