Jected – Rivals is a stunt-based racing game, formerly Stuntfest

Developed by Pow Wow Entertainment, Jected – Rivals is primarily a driving game, but you can jump out of your vehicle and use jetpacks and strategically placed trampolines to traverse the tracks.

In fact, we suspect that kicking your character out (from customizable cars) gives the title inspiration for the fresh moniker. We have to say, the name takes some getting used to…

It also borrows heavily from online gameplay, with crash matches (read Demolition Derby), stunt challenges, and races all possible.

In its former life as the Stuntfest: World Tour, it featured multiple open weekends and online playlists, with community feedback helping to shape the title, which was initially slated for a 2022 release.

Up to 18 players can compete together to become a Jected Tournament Champion, where your results will determine if you qualify for the next round – similar to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, but in cars…

So a round can be an arena of destruction, fighting to the death in vehicles. Next can be a car race, then how far you can throw your character out of a vehicle, and the finale a jetpack skill challenge. Etc.

Jected Rival's jetpack flies

“The new game from the Viennese studio Pow Wow Entertainment consists of 50% action, 50% racing, 50% flying and crazy stunts, so 200% fun,” says Florian Emmerich, head of PR at publisher THQ Nordic.

The pivot now envisages Jected releasing on May 4th, 2023 via Steam as a free-to-play Early Access title with optional paid DLC. Console versions are not confirmed at this time.

Jected Rivals Auto Racing

As the game continues to evolve throughout the Early Access periods, we’re hoping that vehicle handling will be a bit more precise than the previous builds and blend into a cohesive, refined experience.

Jected – Rival’s release date

May 4, 2023 on PC in Early Access.

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