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Las Vegas strip street circuit looks glamorous in the first F1 23 gameplay

The track will debut in its official form as part of the EA SPORTS F1 23 game, which will be released in June, a full five months before the real-life Las Vegas Grand Prix.

In the footage, PJ Tierney, EA and Codemasters Social and Content Manager, uses the generic and customizable player car and starts from 22nd place on the grid of a three-lap race.

The race – like the actual race in November – takes place at night and there is a relatively short sprint into the first corner, a sweeping left-hander. After Turn 4 there is a high-speed straight that leads to a tricky and tight complex from Turn 5 to Turn 9, adjacent to the lighted Sphere venue.

In the further course of the round we drive along Las Vegas Boulevard. While the tarmac is mostly a simple straight line with a bend, it’s graced on either side by large hotels and the Eiffel Tower restaurant – all faithfully reproduced in-game. The venue’s average speed is likely to be among the highest on the calendar.

The trackside furniture seems to be the main draw here, as opposed to the layout itself, although we’ll reserve final judgment for the game’s release next month and perhaps more relevantly for the Grand Prix later in the year.

F1 23 game, Las Vegas, Chrome Livery Bonus Sphere

Unlike many contemporary competitors, the Formula 1 game doesn’t use laser scanning technology to recreate its racing tracks. Instead, the Las Vegas venue was recreated using reference images and photogrammetry data.

“Our team has designed a beautiful virtual recreation of one of the most exciting and awe-inspiring cities in the world,” said Lee Mather, Senior Creative Director at Codemasters.

“The sheer size and density of the buildings in Las Vegas provided a fun challenge for the team, as did the vibrancy and energy of the Strip, which was lit up for Saturday night’s race. It took a total of over 1900 days of development to achieve this level of authenticity.”

Pastor Maldonado, F1 23, Las Vegas

The footage also features the Champions Edition limited-time pre-order Las Vegas in-game customization items: a chrome car livery, racing suit, gloves and crash helmet.

Notably, Tierney’s teammate appears to be Pastor Maldonado, the former Grand Prix winner who is believed to be one of the My Team icons this season and in turn is part of the Champions Edition.

The footage can be viewed on the Formula 1 YouTube channel.

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