Lisbon, Portugal has been added to Mini Motorways’ list of cities

A new update for Mini Motorways on Thursday (September 8, 2022) brought a host of fixes to the title “Minimalist Strategy Traffic Management Simulation”. Also, the update came with a new map.

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is now a city to play among the other cities in the game. The map is set along the Tagus River and players are tasked with creating a stable infrastructure of roads around and above it.

The map itself consists of four parts, all separated by the waters of the Tagus River. Players must build bridges and other paths to strategically move from country to country.

Casey Lucas-Quaid, Community Manager at Dinosaur Polo Club, said in the press release that “Mini Motorways has one more major update coming up this year, so stay tuned!”

While not a racing game per se, Mini Motorways encompasses the essence of cars on the road and the logistics to maintain a properly flowing network. The title is currently available on Apple Arcade, PC via Steam and on Nintendo Switch.

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