Logitech G and Playseat announce the Playseat Trophy – Logitech G Edition

In conjunction with the announcement of the Logitech G Pro Wheel and Pedals on Wednesday (September 21, 2022), Playseat announced during the LogiPlay live stream that there will be a Logitech G edition of their popular Playseat Trophy racing device, available in December becomes.

The Playseat Trophy, which will be released at the end of 2021, is adjustable in the areas of seat height, backrest, seat firmness, bucket seat feel, pedal plate and steering wheel position.

The seat itself uses ActiFit material to prevent hours of comfortable play without fear of sweating.

This particular seat will be adorned with the Logitech G logo and color scheme, a darker gray rather than the usual black that the seat is currently available in, with the Logitech G blue highlighted around the frame and parts.

While not a portable racing rig solution, the Trophy is much more compact and storable than many permanent rigs. The Logitech G branded seat is a great accessory for those looking to upgrade to the new Pro steering wheel and pedals that are available now.

While not specifically designed for these new Logitech G Pro bars and pedals, this rig was designed for Direct Drive wheelbases. The new wheel has a force of up to 11Nm, which is on the mid to high end of direct drive wheelbases.

The details around the seat are currently sparse. The Playseat Trophy normally retails for $599 and you’d have to assume this one would be around here.

The seat debuted on the LogiPlay livestream on Wednesday, and during the announcement it was mentioned that the seat will be available in December of this year. We will update the story as more information becomes available.

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