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Manufacturer of wooden sim racing cockpits plans expansion and secures government support

Former Formula 1 designer Mark Foster joined Rock Solid Rigs in the sim racing rig business a few years ago. As of this week, the wood simulation maker has received government support from the UK, which will allow the brand to expand even further and offer more options globally in the future.

This recent securing of funding has enabled’s new e-commerce site, which features improved racing simulator cockpits and new options, to go online on May 9th. Rock Solid Rigs’ flagship product is their flagship simulator cockpit, the RSR-21, which is available in the UK, Europe, US and Canada.

This particular case is no different than most others on the market. This rock solid rig is “made from renewable plywood” and according to the company, makes the RSR-21 the “most environmentally friendly simulator cockpit on the market”. Depending on the options and additions chosen, this model will cost between £350 and £8,250 plus VAT.

Their new R&D facility in Bicester, which takes care of prototyping, production and business development, is a big part of this company-wide expansion. Simply put, this company made from recycled wooden race cars has new means and will be able to expand its reach in the sim racing market.

Currently the RSR-21 is the only main product in the range and according to the company’s FAQ shipping to Australia is currently not possible. They have been delivering to most places, but within Europe, for the past two years.

As this company grows from here, we’ll keep an eye on it. What do you think of an all-wood sim racing rig like this? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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