‘Miniversary’ for Mini Metro, Mini Motorways adds new content for 10th anniversary

The Miniversum has a Miniversary! Mini Metro turns 10 this year, and to celebrate, both of the Dinosaur Polo Club team’s titles (which include the latest hit Mini Motorways) are getting new 10th Anniversary content starting July 24th in the form of new maps and features .

New York City is set to join the Mini Motorways and stand off the Mini Metro’s list of maps. London and Mumbai will also join the fray with updated content. These three new maps, all crossings from Mini Metro, also get the added benefits of a track system with extra trains.

The older title is to be followed by Mini Metro, Tokyo, Warsaw and Lisbon. Both titles will receive these updates for free on their respective systems. Many of these updates and additions were led by the large mini-communities, some of which were decided by voting.

I like trains.

“Our players have shared so many special moments with us, from connecting families during tough times, to easing anxiety after a long day, to proposing marriage,” said Ben Emerson, marketing coordinator for Dinosaur Polo Club.

“It’s a special milestone to celebrate with our players and bring so many exciting crossover maps and features to both games for everyone to enjoy. I think players will really like the addition of trains to Mini Motorways too, it’s been a long time coming and this seemed like the perfect time to introduce such a highly requested new feature to this game.”

Both the Mini Metro and Mini Motorways Miniversary update will be available on Monday 24th July. Mini Motorways can be played on Apple Arcade, Nintendo Switch and Steam via PC. Mini Metro is available on Apple Arcade, App Store, Google Play Store, Nintendo Switch and Steam via PC and macOS.

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