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Motorsport Games: Indycar Game Delayed

Yesterday, Motorsport Games published its financial report for the most recent quarter and the previous year. Shareholders can find the results and some data on their website by clicking on the relevant section using the link below.

As some may know, the company is currently facing serious funding issues and is not in the best of shape. We have already summarized the data available on the web and, unfortunately, the future is not optimistic for the immediate or medium-term future of the company.

During the shareholders’ conference, the most important news that are not available in written documents were announced via webcast.

A Twitter user shared information that the Indycar game, for which the company has an exclusive license, will not be released this year.

Here’s the NASCAR ’23 news from MSGM everyone! Next, throw up the IndyCar.

— JPet27 (@JPetschauer) March 24, 2023

Another Twitter user revealed that the reason for this is that the company does not have enough cash flow to fund the development project through the end of the year and will therefore have to find alternative financing methods if it wants to complete it in 2023.

At Motorsports Games’ investor call, which is currently taking place, they announced that the #IndyCar game has been postponed to next year.

— David Land™❌ (@DLand91) March 24, 2023

The termination clauses related to the company’s poor performance in its contract with Indycar are included in the Term Termination section of the agreement they signed.

See you on the track!

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