Moza Quick Release Review

We’ve spoken multiple times about how surprised we were by the quality of the QR they use in their bases and steering wheels when we talked about Moza. Well, another plus that surprises us again is that the same QR can also be bought as a separate accessory. In this way we can use steering wheels that we already have or that we would like to have with one of the Moza bases.

The Moza Quick Release Adapter is compatible with all Moza bases, the Moza Racing R9, Moza Racing R16 and Moza Racing R21, without losing the functionality of the base. In our case we tested a Fanatec BMW GT2 v1 wheel that we already had with the USB conversion and it works like a charm. It should be noted that the packaging of this QR does not include the 6 screws required for installation and must be screwed from the inside, so in some cases it is necessary to open the steering wheel housing. In our case, this operation turned out to be easy, although we had to remove some screws quite carefully. It should be noted that the steering wheel bolt pattern must be 70mm, which is usually the most common.

With all this and given the quality of the Moza quick release, tested for several months and not showing any looseness during all this time, it is also possible to get it at a very reasonable price if we look at the adapters of the competition. For 79.90 euros on the Simufy website and with immediate delivery since it is in stock (with a 2% discount with our code J5IPC1Y1KS). You can also find it cheaper on Moza’s own website, but you’ll have to factor in shipping and probably the additional customs fees, which might seem like a saving at first, but in the end it might not be.

See you on the track!

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