Moza Racing CS – Ultimate Test

In our review of the Moza Racing R9 wheel base, we mentioned that Moza is a relatively new company when it comes to SimRacing hardware, but has grown in just a few months and thanks to the fact that it’s been a functioning and established company for ten years is, evolving very quickly and already has several rims (already four), several bases, two pedal models and even two dashboards.

Introducing the Moza Racing CS this time, the brand’s most affordable steering wheel. In this report we will try to share with you all our impressions that we have collected in weeks of testing.

Presentation & Features

The steering wheel box is of the Moza variety, with attention to detail, like the wheel arch, which is gathered in solid foam on the sides and the QR. Instructions, an Allen key, parts to adjust the position of the paddles and a set of stickers to apply on and around the buttons are included.

The wheel is completely round and made of imitation leather with a diameter of 33 centimetres. It’s a big and heavy bike. Very big and very heavy. The 33 centimeters are noticeable and more after spending so many weeks with his smaller brother Moza Racing GS. And the weight too, it’s almost two and a half kilos. It is also worth noting that part of the steering wheel body is made of high-quality aluminum, which makes it look very good visually.

The steering wheel has a total of 10 buttons: 6 of them One Touch, 2 joysticks and 2 rotary knobs. The one-touch buttons and joystick buttons are of the same type as the Moza Racing GS wheel we recently tested for SimRacer, and the feel is the same: we like the buttons, but the joysticks don’t convince us. A free movement of a button of this kind doesn’t make it so direct and we don’t get any feedback when using the corresponding function we want to do, so we miss that at least one of them is of type Funky (to see if they take note), both for feedback and for functions, since these usually also rotate and you can use these functions to operate the menu completely without having to pull any more keys. Finally, it should be noted that the two slewing rings also have a push function and while unintentionally difficult to use, the hardness and shape make them not as comfortable to use as its more expensive sibling, the Moza Racing GS, given that they are a level below .

At the top of the steering wheel, like other Moza steering wheels, we have an LED line that lights up according to the engine speed. This is fully customizable, both in % of maximum turns to light up depending on the sector, and to choose the color you want for each of the LEDs.

At the rear it has a pair of mid-sized magnet paddles with good feel, albeit with a bit of long travel for our liking. They’re as loud as we’ve come to expect from Moza, but it’s solvable.

In the visual part we find an LED strip for increasing the revs, configurable from the Moza Pit House application, in addition to the lights of each of the buttons, although these are configurable directly from the wheel itself, without entering the software. Saying that it connects to the base via the QR’s internal pins, allowing the user to be “wireless” without having to configure devices or worry about batteries.

Of course we don’t need to mention the wheel’s quick release again as it’s the same on all models, but we love its sturdiness and build quality. Recently we will have a small article about the Moza Quick Release, since it can be purchased separately to use any wheel that we have with the Moza bases.

Installation, software and configuration

Once again we use the application that Moza has for configuring its e

ntire ecosystem: Moza Pit House. For this wheel the configurations that we can make are even fewer than for another, since in this case we don’t even have to configure the use of the clutch paddles since there are none.

In the only configuration screen of the wheel that we find in its software, we can only choose the mode of 4 or 8 directions in the joysticks, the configuration of the brightness of the 7 LEDs and the color of its lighting to choose between 7 colors .

Tests and Conclusions

As we said before, the first impression we have when we pick it up is that it’s very heavy, very heavy. The second is more obvious, the wheel is very big, much bigger than any others we are used to. However, the Moza Racing R9 base never falters when moving the wheel. It’s surprising how it retains sustained power in fast zigzag climbs or long turns.

With this bike we have been able to enjoy more countersteering and other types of vehicles in titles like Asseto Corsa, since this shape is a little more versatile and allows other types of riding that are not possible with a formula bike. This allowed us to enjoy the Moza Racing R9 base in a different way and confirmed the good feeling we already had with it. Undoubtedly, the base moves the heavy steering wheel perfectly and once you put it on you forget its weight and enjoy it like you would with any other steering wheel.

Although we always use the steering wheel with gloves, the leather of the steering wheel feels very comfortable and the stitching is well finished, although it is very hard it does not give under pressure. The central part of the wheel, which is made of very high-quality aluminum and is both visually and haptically pleasant, deserves special mention.

The buttons are a bit far from the thumbs for our liking, so it’s difficult to use them comfortably, and that’s especially important when you’re in VR as you can’t see them. The distance we are referring to is a bit annoying to use the joystick buttons, very necessary to use the menu, I repeat, with VR you sometimes move your thumb to find this button.

Finally, as is often the case with other Moza wheels, the magnetic paddles are very noisy, easy to attach with the rubber bands provided, but very effective. This wheel has a little more travel than the brand’s formula wheels, but they’re still of good quality for the type of wheel we’re talking about.

Final Thoughts

As an entry-level bike, it’s a very good-looking, versatile wheel, with quality materials and details like aluminium, magnetic paddles and QR, all on par with slightly more expensive wheels. The points for improvement are undoubtedly the lack of the funky switches and the slightly distant placement of the buttons, particularly the joystick-like ones we use for the menu. And since we ask, but this is even more personal, a slightly shorter path of the paddles, just a little bit closer.

Prices and Availability

All Moza Racing products with discounts of 2% through our links or our code (OPTF7ZMR98), can be found on the Simufy website. In this case, the Moza Racing CS steering wheel costs EUR 319.90 and can be delivered immediately.

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