Moza Racing GS – Ultimate in-depth test

As we mentioned a few days ago we have the Moza Racing GS bike with us today and as we mentioned in our Moza Racing R9 review the feelings we had while testing couldn’t be better.

If you remember our review of the Moza Racing R9 base, we realized that Moza is a relatively new company when it comes to SimRacing hardware, but in just a few months and thanks to the fact that they’ve been around for ten years are a working and established company, they have developed it very quickly and now have several wheels, bases, pedals and even a display.

This formula steering wheel is more than just an addition to your entire ecosystem; in terms of quality and price, it becomes the flagship of the brand.


Even the packaging that the impeller comes in is a good idea. It’s the perfect size for the wheel, wrapped in a cloth sleeve and housed in a rigid form. It is protected all around and mounted in such a way that it does not move. There’s also plenty of stickers to label the functions of all the buttons, as well as an Allen key to dismantle the magnetic paddles and attach some rubber pads if you want to reduce the noise of these and the instructions.

The first thing that strikes you when you open the box is its sturdiness. It’s not a particularly heavy rim, but it gives a sense of quality. The steering wheel measures 300mm in diameter and has Alcantara grips (made in Italy), while the keypad is made of 3mm thick carbon fibre. It has a double set of paddles that allow us not only to control the gears but also the clutch and it is made of carbon fiber with the same thickness as the knob body. Ten of the buttons on this wheel feature LED lighting, including two thumb knobs, five front knobs, and two joysticks. There are no unusual switches, because although these two joysticks are used as such, they move freely and do not rotate.

On the visual side, there’s an LED strip to increase the number of gear lights that can be configured through the Moza Pit House application, as well as each button’s lights that can be configured directly from the wheel itself without entering the software . Connection to the base is made via the QR’s internal pins, making it ‘wireless’ for the user, eliminating the need to configure devices or worry about batteries.

One of the strengths of the steering wheel is the same as the base, the QR, since the system that Moza has chosen for its rims is of high quality and integrates concepts of professional motorsport that until now we could only choose in other NRG From the real one World Imported Quick Releases.

The quick release amazes us with its solidity and finish, and as we said when analyzing the base, we can only congratulate Moza on their choice.

Installation, software and configuration

Both the steering wheel and the base on which you use it are what you need Moza pit house for correct functioning. So, having already seen in the previous analysis how the software works for the base, we will briefly see the few options that the rim offers. Few of course because of its configuration for use with the base, since you will have to spend some time configuring the wheel in each of the simulators that you will use if you want to use all the knobs and buttons.

The unique wheel configuration screen in the software allows us to select the operating mode of the clutch paddles (as a single paddle, two independent paddles or buttons), 4 or 8-way mode on the joysticks, LED brightness configuration and RPM LED Strip lighting configuration.

The color of the buttons is not illuminated by the software, but by the ring itself. To do this, we have to press the 2 buttons of the thumb turner at the same time and after a few seconds the color configuration mode is activated. To change the color of the knobs, simply press the button you want to change color until you find the one you want from the 8 available. When you’re done, press both buttons again and the selection will be set.


As usual this was our ‘title’ wheel with the Moza Racing R9 as we don’t have another, but we can assure you this combination is a really interesting bet. The diameter of the rim ensures that the thickness of the pad does not soften too much, as does the information that comes from the pad in terms of detail and speed. Be careful on this point because as we have seen the base holds perfectly to tra

nsmit sustained force and in certain vehicle/shift configurations it can be particularly hard.

The steering wheel is of a high standard in terms of workmanship and function. The QR’s industrial aluminum finish means there’s no play or anything like that. The ground mount is absolutely solid, perfect. The feel of the keys is just right so you know when you’ve pressed a key or when you’re halfway through. The feel is clear and unmistakable. The cams are of a high standard, if perhaps a bit noisy, and Moza is aware of this, which is why they include a set of sound deadening rubbers.

The Alcantara grip feels very comfortable, you can tell the material is high quality and it’s shaped in a way that allows you to hold the wheel in a good position. After many hours with the steering wheel in all kinds of vehicles, we have no complaints about the position of the buttons or the grip itself, the hands are in a very natural position.

The rotations, both front and thumb rotations, precisely mark each position and step. It’s not easy to make an unintentional move. The thumb buttons need some use to get rid of the harshness of a brand new product, although we didn’t use them as extensively as other buttons.

The 2 joystick buttons that aren’t funky switches aren’t fully functional to our liking, and we miss the fact that they’re not funky. The main difference is that we lose the features and functionality of a Funky.

Funky joysticks have 7 functions: 4 independent button-like directions (some have 8, but we don’t find them practical either), twist, and push. These joysticks have 4 or 8 directions (detected according to the position of free movement of the joystick) and the press. This means that we don’t have any feedback when we move the joystick to one position or another, and they don’t have a rotation function, which is so useful for managing all the functions of a black box with a single button.


It’s a steering wheel that impresses at first sight and when you hold it in your hands you quickly realize the quality with which it has been designed and developed. Some might see throwbacks to other successful products and there is no better compliment and proof of functionality than that. However, we are pleasantly surprised that Moza Racing has achieved such high quality products as this in such a short space of time. For us this bike is becoming almost a must-buy for any owner of this base brand and who mainly uses Formula cars or GTs as it is not optimal for drifting or rallying.

Prices and Availability

All Moza Racing products with discounts of 2% through our links or our code (J5IPC1Y1KS), can be found on the Simufa Website. In this case, the Moza Racing GS steering wheel will cost 499.90 euros and is ready for dispatch immediately.

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