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Moza Racing is working with Jimmy Broadbent

A press release from Moza Racing regarding their new adventure sponsor Jimmy Broadbent. The content creator is one of the most followed and loved characters in the simRacing universe and we expect him to be able to race and win in the Praga series like last year.

MOZA Racing, a fast growing and premier sim racing hardware manufacturer, is pleased to announce its latest partnership with the renowned Jimmy Broadbent.
This collaboration aims to improve the sim racing world by bringing together MOZA Racing’s state-of-the-art hardware expertise and Jimmy Broadbent’s dedication to the sport.

The partnership will be focused on sponsoring Jimmy’s racing series and supporting his content creation initiatives, with the common goal of taking the sim racing experience to a whole new level and providing fans with an extraordinary, unforgettable journey.

The partnership between MOZA Racing and Jimmy Broadbent is an exciting development for the sim racing community as two respected names in the industry will bring innovative and immersive experiences to fans worldwide that push the boundaries of what is possible in sim racing , and provide unparalleled experiences!

Jimmy is excited to be working with MOZA Racing on this groundbreaking project. He is confident the partnership will take his racing series to new heights and provide fans with next-level immersion and entertainment.

I’m really looking forward to working with MOZA Racing this year, both in my simulation and in real racing. MOZA’s passion for racing is contagious and I look forward to seeing what the future holds!”

MOZA Racing, a leading manufacturer of gaming hardware, brings extensive knowledge and experience to the partnership. With a strong focus on innovation and excellence, the team has always been at the forefront of developing new technologies and gaming experiences for fans worldwide.

This partnership marks a significant achievement for the industry as MOZA Racing and Jimmy Broadbent are both poised to revolutionize the sim racing experience and engage fans in a whole new way.

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