New tracks, sprint events and online flag-to-flag confirmed for MotoGP 23

By ROBO46 and Thomas Harrison-Lord

Right at the end of March, this season’s official motorcycle grand prix game came up with impressive graphics, dynamic weather and a revised career mode. However, some key features were mysterious up to the point where we posted our questions.

Two new courses and the Sprint format

However, we now know that the two new tracks on the real-world MotoGP calendar – Sokol International Racetrack in Kazakhstan and Buddh International Circuit in India – will be added to MotoGP 23 upon their release.

The community-focused session was moderated by Michele Caletti, Executive Producer and Creative Director at developer Milestone.

Valtteri Bottas, Buddh International Circuit, New Delhi, India, 2013 – Charles Coates, Motorsport Images

The team also confirmed that the new sprint race format will also be included, despite 2023 being the debut season for the set-up.

This means that in addition to the main event on Sunday each round there will also be a 50 per cent length race on Virtual Saturday if you choose the full weekend format.

Brad Binder, Red Bull KTM Factory Racing, wins Argentina GP Sprint, 2023 - Gold and Goose, Motorsport ImagesBrad Binder, Red Bull KTM Factory Racing, wins Argentina GP Sprint, 2023 – Gold and Goose, Motorsport Images

Online Flag-to-Flag, Quick ReLaunch for backups

Additionally, the flag-to-flag rule set, whereby riders head to the pit lane should the dynamic weather change their minds about swapping bikes, will indeed work in online racing. The function is activated for races longer than six laps and works in both directions – from wet to dry and from dry to wet.

However, this only applies to the MotoGP premier class to reflect reality. Many at the time wondered if dynamic weather options would exclude Moto2 and Moto3 support classes. However, should the weather change, the quick restart rules will be replicated in-game.

MotoGP 23 wet weather flag to flag

Note that according to the original announcement, the Nintendo Switch version will not feature flag-to-flag rules due to the hardware limitations of the less powerful machine, but dynamic weather and quick restart rules will apply to all classes.

physics changes

The team has been keen to highlight potential physics improvements, although of course judgment is withheld until we’re able to test them.

It was highlighted that the contact patch from the bike to the asphalt was changed according to the gyroscopic effects on the bike.

MotoGP 23 rear shot

Asymmetric tires will be in-game for certain tracks, but will still be labeled as soft, medium, and hard. For those not in the know, this is a multi-compound tire with different formulations on both sides, used on particularly demanding tracks.

The last of the key details is that ranked races actually implement a leaderboard like in Monster Energy Supercross 6, but also puts you in races with similarly ranked drivers.

MotoGP 23 Germany

Those are the main points, but with a June 8, 2023 release date, we expect finer details to be discussed and presented ahead of release.

Images: Motorsport images

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