PISTA Motorsport: In a closed beta phase

Since it took us three weeks to realize it existed, we learned almost immediately that the Argentinian-made simulator is already in a second phase, launching closed betas for certain employees. Let’s see what they tell us in this second note.

This week we launched our first wave of closed betas, allowing a very small group of our testers to test the development and provide feedback, with very positive results. These phases are very important for development as it is important to confirm with the community and our testers that the simulator is on the right track and that all the implemented features work correctly and provide a pleasant user experience.

In this first version, testers could test the Turismo Pista Class 1 Fiat Uno in the Autódromo de Rosario. In the last few weeks all category development as well as all cars of the current 2023 championship have been completed.

We have chosen the TP Clase 1 as a starting point because we believe that thanks to its neutral tendencies and the low aerodynamic load it is a good car to develop the physics system well and also to offer a very pleasant handling, perfect to the targets from fits our first beta.

Our team worked hard on the car’s graphic details, with an interior inspired by the real cars in the category and visual effects like exhaust gas re-ignition.

We’ve put a lot of effort into the animations, especially with the aim of solving a problem that some current top simulators haven’t been able to solve yet: the gear change animation. We have achieved a procedural animation of the driver that takes into account the moment of gear change, achieving a realistic and immersive aesthetic for the driver.

As for the scenarios, the Autódromo de Rosario is already fully completed and we are currently finalizing the 2023 version of the Autódromo de La Plata, one of the most used circuits in the country and the birthplace of zonal motorsport. The plan is to have all layouts ready for the next closed beta in game.

The day and night cycle is 100% functional, with configurable timing. This allows the user to choose the start time of each session to their liking, as well as the speed of progress relative to real time.

In the near future we will be working hard to fix possible issues that may arise in this first iteration of closed betas and quickly integrate the new content we have planned for the next wave. In terms of content, the priority for the next version is to fully implement our dynamic weather system: a system that allows changing the track according to weather conditions, including rain and puddles, which affect the physics of the car. This was another big challenge for our team as realistic physics of puddles and aquaplaning is not common in most current simulators. We are finalizing the details and preparing everything to integrate this system into the next version of the closed betas.

In terms of content, we plan to add the Formula 3 Metropolitana for testing in the short term

The physics of a car with completely different characteristics than the TP Class 1, since a single-seater of this build allows us to accurately test aerodynamic tendencies and influences in development, as well as the correct behavior of a rear-wheel drive vehicle.

Finally, the next big goal we have in the near term is to integrate the first version of our AI to share the track during our beta’s free practice sessions. This is a big step for us as we are very focused on achieving realistic AI that can provide on-track competition that mimics the behavior of real drivers.

We appreciate the support our development has received over the last few weeks and we continue to work hard to bring Argentina to the world map with its first simulator completely built from scratch without using any base racing simulator bring. We want the community to be part of this evolution and deliver a quality product that Latin American motorsport deserves.

PISTA Motorsport is now available on Steam.


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