PISTA Motorsport presents the Argentine racing scene

Details of a new racing sim focused on Argentine motorsport have emerged, while Assetto Corsa’s mod developer, REG Simulations, moves on with full game development.

Best known for its virtual representations of circuits such as the Autodromo de Rosario and Kartodromo de Buenos Aires, REG intends to bring home-built tracks and vehicles to PISTA Motorsport, utilizing LiDAR data for optimal realism.

The team has previously stated that they will be incorporating Rosario Autodrome into their evolving sim, with plans for a remake of the newly refurbished Roberto Jose Mouras Circuit Autodrome as well as the San Nicolas Autodrome.

In terms of vehicles, REG has confirmed that it will bring the real-world Class 1 Fiat Uno from the Turismo Pista series to the sim, also teasing a rebuilt version of its Fiat 600 Assetto Corsa mod.

PISTA Motorsport presents the Argentine racing scene

More cars are promised, with REG aiming to replicate the path of Argentine motorsport from karting upwards (albeit possibly with content from other South American countries).

With dynamic puddling and track drying, REG shows its ambition in developing a national motorsport simulator with advanced features. However, no details about the game engine, performance requirements or multiplayer systems have been announced yet.

PISTA Motorsport presents the Argentine racing scene

PISTA Motorsport is now available on Steam on the wishlist. The release date is yet to be announced.

Are you interested in PISTA Motorsport’s focus on the Argentine racing scene? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Source: REG simulations

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