Porsche celebrates 75 years with fancy Xbox Series X designs

Not only is the race celebrating a milestone, but the German sports car manufacturer is also celebrating 75 years of sports cars (although technically the company’s roots date back 92 years).

The Porsche 963 taking part in the race this weekend will sport a special multi-colored livery and there is an Xbox Series June 2023 to commemorate the occasion.

There are 15 colored stripes in total, each representing previous endurance racers from the company’s history. In total, it has won the Le Mans race 19 times so far.

It’s not for sale, but six of them can be won through a dedicated competition website.

75th Anniversary of the Porsche Xbox Series X

A total of 75 Porsche-themed Xbox consoles will be made, with other designs reminiscent of classic motorsport entries such as the 1971 “pink pig” 917/20 and the winning 1998 911 GT1 additional anniversary consoles.

Also featured in other celebratory news surrounding Porsche is an electric hypercar concept, the Mission X, which unveils a possible successor to 2013’s 918 Spyder. It’s not in a game yet, so where would you like to see it? Let us know in the comments below.

Porsche Mission X

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