Porsche Mission R Cockpit is a racing simulator

The latest iRacing addition has a surprising feature that somehow gets overlooked. The driver module can work as a racing simulator. We restore official information about this feature along with some real tests of the car. You can appreciate the performance of the electric racing car on the track.

In the Mission R, real racing and eSports merge. This is ensured by its monocoque driver’s cell, which is designed as a self-contained module and can be used outside the vehicle as a simulator in exactly the same form. This allows the racing driver to prepare virtually for his next race in a familiar environment. And the racers of tomorrow can also take part in esports events.

The interaction options offered by the Mission R are also aimed at a young and enthusiastic motorsport community: it is pre-equipped for live streaming from the car, and the driver can connect with his fans at the push of a button. These in turn can communicate directly with him, for example by sending him likes.

Particularly realistic racing training on the simulator

Seat, steering wheel, controls, adjustable pedals and screens form a compact unit in the Mission R and are on the same axis, i.e. the driver’s axis. This allows the driver to concentrate on the essentials during the race.

At the same time, this driver module design allows the use of a second driver cell outside of the Mission R as a racing simulator. With the help of movable, electrically controlled supports, the dynamic forces that act on the driver can be simulated – for example when braking or through rolling movements when cornering at high speed. Due to the familiar environment with identical display and control elements and the same full bucket seat, this type of training would be extremely realistic and highly effective.

Now more videos with real track test.

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