QUIZ: QUIZ: How Well Do You Know These Street Course Curves?

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Rookie License

Ok red stripe, brave effort, but you gotta go and do a few more laps in iRacing.

Class D License

Not a rookie, but you might just need to do a few more laps

Class C License

That’s a fair score, but you’re still just a yellow streak! Not much more to climb the ranks from here, clean the rest of the tracks and you’ll make it!

Class B License

As one of the seasoned veterans of iRacing tracks, you know your stuff! There were some tricky ones here though, so take a closer look next time

Class A License

As one of our top route connoisseurs, you know your way around these routes. Well done

Pro License

Practice makes perfect and you can’t be stumped! You have studied iRacing inside and out and know every detail about it. Since you know so much, we think you should try to really go pro!

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