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Raceroom is promoting the On The Edge Pack DLC

The new Raceroom DLC with three high-performance cars already presents some of its new content. This is where the Mazda DPi, X-Bow GT2 and McLaren 570S arrive in Sector3 Studios’ title.

Our next content release features a trio of cars designed to push the envelope: a series of performance monsters that reward the – demanding, even – max attack mode. Introducing an endurance racing superstar inspired by a jet fighter; a GT supercar that punches well above its weight; and finally a real modern-day rocket prototype. These three cars make up our On The Edge service package.

First up is the unique KTM X-Bow GT2, the latest steroid evolution of the X-Bow platform. What started as a lightweight adult go-kart has grown over the years, first with an enclosed clamshell cockpit and now with a longer wheelbase, extreme aerodynamics and even more power. Geared towards the SRO Gentleman Driver GT2 series, it has also made a strong entry into the international long-distance scene, and with great success.

You might think GT4s are tame: boring, barely modified street cars? think again GT4 has evolved from its humble roots as a starting point for aspiring GT drivers to a distinct category that sits just below (and often misses) GT3. Let’s not forget that the cars that GT4s are based on are often supercars themselves, and the McLaren 570S GT4 proves it. Low, capable and exciting to drive, the McLaren will further enhance Raceroom’s already strong GT4 package.

The pinnacle of this avalanche of performance is the sleek Mazda RT-24P prototype. Built by sports car specialists Multimatic to IMSA DPi regulations and based on the Riley Multimatic Mk30 LMP2 chassis, the Mazda is a true racer. And that’s both the sound of its engine and what happens when you drive it. The RT-24P is a complete prototype: carbon tubes, packed with aerodynamics and 600 hp in a package that weighs well under a ton. It competed between 2017 and 21 and won all American endurance classics: Sebring, Daytona and Petit Le Mans. It will be a great ride and perfect for multiclass racing.

We will be providing more details on each car in the coming days leading up to the launch of the pack in early April. Buckle up virtually: it’s going to be extreme!

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