RaceRoom’s Dubai 2.4H community event is scheduled for April 21st, Top Split in Europe will be broadcast

On Friday 21st April the team behind RaceRoom Racing Experience will host their Dubai 2.4H Community Event. Qualifying leaderboards for both classes, the GTX and GT4 cars, are now open. The race starts at the Dubai Autodrome on the Grand Prix circuit layout and lasts approximately 2.4 hours.

Players can choose between the KTM X-Bow GT2/GTX in the GTX class, while the GT4 includes GTR 4 category vehicles on the platform, one of which is the McLaren 570S GT4, which is paired with the KTM GTX and a Mazda RT-24P DPi released in On The Edge Pack on April 5th. Other GT4 cars to choose from include GT4 entries from Audi, Porsche, BMW, Lotus, Mercedes-AMG and KTM.

To participate, players must post a lap time on the leaderboards before April 18th. Grids are split by region and created based on ranking and reputation, with the best being able to complete the top splits. The rankings are technically for qualification purposes, but these tables are not based on booked times.

The best European split will be broadcast on RaceRoom social channels. Top splits for the Oceania and Americas regions will not do this. Those who post a lap time will receive an email invitation to their respective regional split.

More information about the race event can be found in the RaceRoom competition portal or in the RaceRoom discord.

SOURCE: RaceRoom

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