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Racing Unleashed Unveils LAN eSports Competitions With €200,000 Prize Pool | traction

Switzerland-based racing simulator venue Racing Unleashed is currently hosting two LAN Championships with a total prize pool of €200,000 over the entire season.

With racing simulation centers in Munich, Madrid and four in Switzerland, Racing Unleashed operates its Racer League and Challengers League exclusively from its fully-equipped premises, where drivers sit in Formula 1-style cockpits equipped with triple screens and a motion rig -Platform are equipped.

Racing Unleashed’s state-of-the-art simulators also come loaded with Assetto Corsa Pro software, which helps recreate just about every track and vehicle combination on the planet.

20 drivers are included in the high-profile Racer League – codenamed “Beyond the Pinnacle” for 2023 – including Apex Racing Team’s Alejandro Sánchez (and 2021 Racing Unleashed champion), Michal Šmídl, current Racer League leader and Team Redline driver, as well as current GT Challenge entrant Vojtech Polesny among others, with elite drivers receiving the lion’s share of the prize money.

Although the Racer League squad is set for 2023, interested parties can still qualify for the Challengers League by attending qualifying sessions at Racing Unleashed venues, with a total of 22 spots at the Madrid, Munich, Zurich, Cham and Kemptthal sites Are available .

Alejandro Sánchez demonstrates Racing Unleashed’s rigs

There is still plenty of cash up for grabs for Challengers League drivers, however, with the championship winner taking home around €2,500 (plus €500 for each race win). The championship winner will also be promoted to the Racer League in 2024 and given the chance to compete for bigger prizes.

The final Battle for Glory race event in December has its own prize pool totaling almost €50,000 for both championships.

With controversy surrounding some professional esports leagues over alleged cheating, LAN events offer a near-guaranteed level playing field among participants, with an informal lounge-like atmosphere promoted by Racing Unleashed to keep the experience fun and relaxed.

Traxion.GG employee DaveCam tests one of Racing Unleashed’s simulators at the NCME University of Bolton’s ROKiT Racing Star F4 Esports Competition in 2022

Race unleashed background

Racing Unleashed was founded in 2018 by Francisco Fernandez to help the general public experience racing sims in a professional setting, by attending venues or by purchasing a Racing Unleashed sim rig.

The company soon attracted the interest of former CEO, team principal and co-owner of the Sauber Formula 1 team, Monisha Kaltenborn, who became CEO of Racing Unleashed (then Formula Vee) in 2019.

It soon grew to six venues across Europe and supported the British Formula 4 Championship’s Racing Star program in bringing a virtual racer to the British F4 grid in 2023, which marked the appearance of Deagen Fairclough in the series that year led.

Players can now qualify for Challengers League events at participating venues. More details are available on the Racing Unleashed website.

ROKIT Racing Star F4 Competition Deagen Fairclough winsThanks in part to Racing Unleashed, Deagen Fairclough will start the British Formula 4 Championship

The first Prologue event in Racer League starts on April 21st with all rounds being streamed live on the Racing Unleashed YouTube channel with a professional team of commentators.

Excited to see Racing Unleashed’s Racer League as one of the highest paying events in sim racing esports? Let us know in the comments below.

For more on Racing Unleashed and Monisha Kaltenborn, check out our 2021 Traxion.GG podcast interview with her.

Racing Unleashed Racer League 2023 calendar

  • Prologue – Nurburgring – 4/21/23
  • Round 1 – Silverstone – Challenger League 28/4/23 – Racer League 29/4/23
  • Round 2 – Red Bull Ring – Challenger League 26/5/23 – Racer League 27/5/23
  • Round 3 – Mugello – Challenger League 06/09/23 – Racer League 06/10/23
  • Round 4 – Imola – Challenger League 23/6/23 – Racer League 24/6/23
  • Round 5 – Zurich Airport – Challenger League 28.7.23 – Racer League 29.7.23
  • Round 6 – Monza – Challenger League 1/9/23 – Racer League 2/9/23
  • Round 7 – Barcelona – Challenger League 29/9/23 – Racer League 30/9/23
  • Round 8 – Spa – Challenger League 27/10/23 – Racer League 28/10/23
  • Round 9 – Laguna Seca – Challenger League 17/11/23 – Racer League 18/11/23
  • Round 10 – Battle for Glory – TBC – Challenger League 8/12/23 – Racer League 9/12/23

Featured image courtesy of Racing Unleashed

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