Racing: You can sign up for the beta now!

You can join the waiting list for the beta, which will open at the end of the year. That’s what they tell us from racing social media. The title that came out of nowhere this year was (or still is) in alpha development. In this current state, only a few external testers from selected eSports teams have had contact with what is being done.

What we told you in our opinion article on the subject is that the basics look very interesting and you should keep an eye on this German circuit racing bet. In the same post you can find screenshots and the people behind the development as well as the dates that have been considered for the release.

To sign up for the closed beta that will be available at the end of the year you need to register through the page they have opened for this purpose:

The open beta has no fixed date. According to the information page, the launch is planned for 2023.

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