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rear brake; The String Theory

Nowadays, a normal, standard braking technique, in which you brake before the turn-in point, is no longer sufficient in racing. Some drivers developed a new advanced technique to improve their lap times about 30 or 40 years ago.

Drivingfast is a perfect approach to this technique:

“Once you’ve made cornering a fine art, trail braking is a method to further improve your lap times. When performing this technique at high speed, it’s important to remember that most of the braking should still be done in a straight line. However, to squeeze the last ounce of performance out of your car, you can leave your braking point a little later and continue using the brakes in the corner before the apex. Before turning in, gradually begin to release the brakes until they are fully released at the apex and ready for the acceleration phase. Some cars don’t respond well to trail braking, especially those that tend to lift and oversteer – although with trail braking there is more grip available at the front wheels, the rear wheel is more prone to sidesteer. Beware!”

Using string theory it should be easier to understand:

Racing line • MomentoGP

“Work on coordinating brake release with rotary input. Release only as much as you are willing to spin. Twist only as much as you are willing to let go. The relationship between steering input and brake release (also throttle) must be directly proportional. I call this “string theory” because you imagine that there is a string attached to the bottom of the handlebars that connects to your big toe. When you turn the wheel, this cord pulls your foot off the pedal and when you press your foot on the pedal, the steering wheel straightens. When driving on a track at or near the grip limit (how much grip your tires have), releasing the brakes too much will result in oversteer, while releasing the brakes too little can result in front tire understeer.

As always, practice makes perfect.


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