Red Bull’s simulator could be the key

In this simulator sits someone who is very familiar with SimRacing – Rudy van Buren, a name we’ve mentioned here before. Just recently, published an interview with Rudy in which he describes his work at Red Bull. So let me give you a brief introduction and summary of what has been said.

Rudy van Buren is a SimRacer who made a name for himself at the first event organized by WFG McLaren and Logitech. The competition was fierce, with legendary rivals like Greger Huttu. But Rudy stood out, winning over the judges and earning a year of simulator testing for the British marque. He worked closely with the team’s engineers to help develop their cars.

Since then Rudy has moved out McLaren To red bull, where he is responsible for translating simulator testing into real-world performance. He’s constantly refining and tweaking things, doing his best to ensure Verstappen and Pérez are as prepared as possible for each race. He is a master at reducing variables and pinpointing key aspects of the car’s performance.

Of course, Rudy would also like to work with the real car, but that’s not possible at the moment. Nonetheless, he has made a name for himself in the SimRacing world, competing in various championships and special events (particularly rFactor 2).

See you on the track!

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