rFactor 2: Still a top contender in sim racing in 2023?

rFactor 2, the popular simulation racing game, is in its 10th birthday since its launch in 2013. While there have been some bumps in the road, the question remains – is rFactor 2 still worth the attention of sim racing fans in 2023? Let’s dive into the good, the bad, and whether rFactor 2 is still a top contender in the genre.

In 2013, rFactor 2 was a revelation, offering dynamic gameplay with real roads and weather. While the game had a pretty terrible UI and required a beefy PC to run, for those that stuck with it, the experience was incredible. The problem was that not everyone was interested in spending hours tweaking and tuning things to get it working just right on their system. Despite this, rFactor 2 rFactor 2 changed hands several times, but it still remains a popular game in the sim racing community.

Is rFactor 2 worth it now, in 2023? Absolutely. I’ve been enjoying the variety in the Sims I’ve been playing lately, but rFactor 2 just feels visceral and natural right away. Every Porsche in rFactor 2 is the best sim car in every sim and every fan of any sim needs to experience them.

In terms of pricing, rFactor 2 is budget friendly $28.99 if not on sale on Steam. Other cars and racetracks are nearby $4.40 And $8, which is pretty reasonable for the level of quality obtained. Additionally, Studio 397 recently had an update that allowed users to own a car in a multi-car field, which is a big and very important step for the future as it means online racing will be much easier.

Multiplayer in rFactor 2 is also similar to iRacing, with scheduled races and a licensing and rating system. The best part? It’s absolutely free, making it a great option for those looking for regular races.

While rFactor 2 still has some issues, largely due to existing historical public perception, rFactor 2 in 2023 is entirely different from rFactor 2 in 2013. While some may argue that too much damage has already been done, rFactor 2 still a top contender in the sim racing genre for me. When you set it up, pretty much the best simulation experience out there awaits you.

In summary, even in 2023, rFactor 2 still deserves the attention of sim racing fans. With its dynamic gameplay, reasonable prices and free multiplayer option, it’s definitely worth checking out. While it might not be perfect, it’s a top contender for those looking for a challenging and immersive sim racing experience.

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