rFactor 2: testing the new online multiplater

rFactor 2 is looking for some people who would like some feedback on its new online multiplayer system. Here is the announcement:

Hello sim racers,

As you may know, we’ve been working with a small but passionate and dedicated development team on a whole new “competition system” for a few months now – and we’re really looking forward to sharing it with all of you.

As part of our final checks before we bring this new system to the public release, we did a little “alpha test”. This was a very small group of people who provided invaluable help in finding bugs, finding user experience issues, and providing other feedback that we greatly appreciated to help improve the experience.

We are now looking for motivated and passionate volunteers to expand our small group of testers for this “alpha” testing phase. The requirements primarily include confidentiality and the obligation to provide detailed feedback and report bugs. And in return, you’ll receive a limited add-on badge that will be credited to your rFactor 2 account once our new system is publicly available.

To register your interest: CLICK HERE!

Please note; We have a certain number of users that we would like to join our team during this private testing period Submission of your data does NOT constitute a guarantee of acceptance included in the program. Please excuse in advance if you are not accepted! However, if you are successful in joining the program, you should expect to hear from us within two weeks of receiving your request.

This revamped online experience will be public soon and we look forward to sharing it with everyone in the coming weeks. We hope you will like it!

Have fun racing!

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