rFactor 2’s Reiza Pack DLC is currently undergoing an overhaul

The Reiza pack on rFactor 2 will eventually see overhauled and improved graphics, as on March 23rd, Reiza Studios revealed images of the updated tracks.

A collaboration between Brazilian development team Reiza Studios and the Netherlands-based team at Studio 397 resulted in the release of the Reiza Pack on rFactor 2 in 2019.

The content of the Reiza Pack included four tracks and six vehicles, sold separately in their own Car Pack ($10.68) or Track Pack ($16.00), or together as one pack, available on the rFactor 2 Steam Store for $21.34 .

Fast-forward to today (March 23, 2022) and Reiza announced on Twitter that all of the content in the pack is being overhauled to current rFactor 2 standards, including those fancy PBR shaders.

We are currently working on revising the content of our rF2 Reiza pack and bringing it up to date with the latest rFactor 2 developments. Below are some preview screenies of the four tracks (Guapore, Imola, Ibarra & VIR) with PBR shaders: pic.twitter.com/sMK7kxOuVw

— Reiza Studios (@ReizaStudios) March 23, 2023

This pack includes four tracks РImola Circuit, VIRginia International Raceway, Ibarra and Guapor̩ Autodrome, the first three with multiple layouts Рas well as six cars РMetalmoro AJR, Metalmoro MR18, Formula Vee, MCR S2000, Puma GTE and Puma P052. These updates will bring this content up to the level of detail that rFactor 2 currently offers.

For now, the tracks appear to be mostly complete, judging from a post on the Studio 397 forums by Renato Simione, the Studio Head and Project Manager at Reiza Studios. They will also be working on the cars, and that work has apparently only just begun.

An image of an updated Imola shared on the Studio 397 forums in January.

This was teased back in July 2022 on the Reiza forums and earlier this year, on January 10th, Simione posted on the Studio 397 forums that work had officially started. Reiza tweeted some pics of the four tracks on Thursday.

No word on when this update will be released for the add-on content. Don’t forget that Reiza Studios has one sim racing title of its own to worry about – Automobilista 2. Still, for fans of this content racing on rFactor 2 it will likely be a welcome update and clearly it was on the radar of Reiza for some time.

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