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Simucube Throttle: A new passive pedal companion

The guys from Granite Device are pioneers in this simracing universe, it’s the first commercial direct drive ever because they were the first to integrate all the electronics into the chassis of the direct drive itself. On this occasion they deviate from their recent work on Active Pedals to create a throttle worthy of accompanying one of these incredible pedals.

The world’s leading supplier of high-quality sim racing gear, Simucubeannounces the launch of its much-anticipated passive Simucube Accelerator to accompany the second batch Simucube Active Pedals.

We introduce Simucube Throttle, the ideal companion powered by ActivePedal. Simucube Engineered for comfort and outstanding performance, the throttle offers easy-to-use physical adjustability.

simucube-throttle simucube-throttle2

Simucube The throttle offers a unique benefit: no tools are required to adjust travel and spring preload. This easy-to-use pedal makes it the perfect choice for both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts looking to accompany their first ActivePedal in the high-end force feedback sim racing arena.

Built like a tank and designed for easy maintenance Simucube Throttle is primed to endure years of high-octane racing if you can resist the temptation to upgrade all of your pedals for full software control and force feedback. A full 5-year guarantee now applies to all devices Simucube Pedals that guarantee you quality and durability.

– The plan was to launch passive pedals alongside the groundbreaking development Simucube ActivePedal. However, ActivePedal was ready sooner and we wanted to release this revolutionary technology as soon as possible. “Waiting would have deprived us of valuable customer feedback and prevented the ActivePedal from reaching its current exceptional level,” says Hannu Harju, CEO

Simucube The first batch of ActivePedal is sold out, customer reactions and first reviews are already published on Discord and YouTube and the demand for the second batch was very high. The second batch is on sale on May 25, 2023 with the Simucube Accelerator.

– Whilst our software development has been focused on delivering exciting upgrades to our ActivePedals and soon to them Simucube 2 wheelbases, our hardware designers have put their high standards into the model Simucube Accelerator. It’s now easy to use and ready for sale,” explained Tero Kontkanen, CTO

We introduce Simucube pedals

  • Simucube Accelerator RRP €281 (VAT 0%)
  • Simucube Throttle + Simucube ActivePedal RRP €2279 (VAT 0%)
  • Simucube Gas + 2x Simucube ActivePedal RRP €4079 (VAT 0%)

Simucube The throttle has no electronics of its own and is powered by the power supply Simucube ActivePedal. Together, they offer racers a simple solution to consolidate the pedal-side force feedback experience into one package. The core idea of ​​this package is to make it easier to get started in the world of ActivePedals from the cost side, with the highest possible quality.

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