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Super Trofeo Esports: Poor ride quality at Monza overshadows Lomi win

Disconnects were the important variables affecting the opening round of the 2023 Lamborghini Super Trofeo Esports season. Between Pavlo Polovchuk and Marco Lomi, Florian Dührkop eluded two podium threats as – despite changeable conditions – he improved eight places to win at the Circuit Paul Ricard.

Of course, his success meant that he would not play another role at this stage of the competition. Alongside Amos Laurito, Simon Seminara and Stefano Bonsignore, the Frenchman had secured a ticket for the Grand Final on the Nordschleife, which was scheduled to take place at the end of July.

A return to virtual Italian soil would have been a welcome relief for Lomi as Monza hosted the second round. Another bite of the cherry was surely all it took to join those who had already made it.


The composition of the front row after the conclusion of qualifying should not surprise anyone. Lomi took the second pole position ahead of fellow retired Paul Ricard Polovchuk.

Andrii Pozdniakov would be the next recognizable name, although this time he would start from fifth on the grid.

Between the Ukrainian and the front row were two new faces; Florian Schiessl and Corrado Ciriello. The pair had certainly performed better compared to their seedlings as neither of them finished in the top ten before qualifying.


Lomi’s starting shot from the rolling start would never go unchallenged; The Italian had to go deep into the Rettifilo chicane to defend his position. Just two corners later, the first major incident occurred in the Della Roggia chicane. Unfortunately, this would only be the beginning of spatial awareness problems across the industry.

A few minor hiccups in midfield preceded another significant loss of position for someone in the top ten. Riccardo De Marchi was the helpless victim of a Pozdniakov shot into the della Roggia after the Ukrainian drove poorly in the first few laps.

Kalocsai was quick to deal with De Marchi’s misfortune. He accidentally sent the Italian on a second try as he encountered a defensive stance that was far too aggressive.

So many incidents have been reported that major changes in top 5 dynamics have gone under the radar. By fifth place, Leonardo Grigis would certainly not end up there without a small miracle as he had been handed a 15 second time penalty. Schiessl also had reason to regret losing third place to Ciriello.

To be honest, the rest of the competition was mostly isolated incidents. If the riders didn’t get penalties for touching, they got penalties for track boundaries. Only fifteen riders remained in the running as the final ten minutes began, with a third set adding time to their results.

Fortunately, the first four had no such problems. All four deserved their place in the Grand Finals simply because they didn’t display the lack of sportsmanship that so many of their peers displayed. Especially Lomi’s win and Polovchuk’s podium came as a sweet relief after her unfortunate passing a week ago.


  1. Frame today – 33 rounds
  2. Pavlo Polovchuk – +5.046
  3. Corrado Ciriello – +7,455
  4. Florian Schiessl – +14.739
  5. Danilo Magnani – +28,755
  6. Niccolò Soro – +37.156
  7. Nicola Dessi – +45.169
  8. Leonardo Grigis – +48.685
  9. David Kalocsai – +55.842
  10. Rosario Stimoli – +57.260

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