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Table Top Racing: World Tour Nitro Edition Switch Review – solid racing

When Micro Machines V3 kept the series’ overhead perspective in 1997, ’90s gamers’ dreams were shattered.

All they wanted was to chase champagne bottles towering overhead in full 3D perspective with a chase. But lo and behold! Table top racers never gave up on that dream in the decades that followed, and here we are with the World Tour Nitro Edition version of the game for Nintendo Switch.

Sure, it’s been available in various formats for 10 years, but with the Switch version now appearing on eShop sales you need to know if it’s worth buying. let’s find out

It’s pretty much like those old racers in its premise. Tiny toy cars race along tracks laid out between household objects and everyone has a good time. There’s also a weapon system with missiles, mines, and – our favorite – ice blasts that turn your opponents into sliding ice cubes that slide off the table and onto the floor.

There are drift events, hot lap challenges, pure racing speedfests and multi-race championships across multiple vehicle tiers. And at the end of each championship, a cute cutscene shows the lost cars falling into a recycling bin. lolzorz.

Table Top Racing World Tour Nitro Edition switch canister

Basically, this is a strong racer in many ways. It has a frame rate of 60 frames per second, which means smooth, solid action, even in two-player split-screen.

Car handling is easy enough that most people will be able to get around the track, while still being slack enough to keep veterans on their toes. You can also improve the spec of your current car by spending your winnings.

This also extends to a secondary weapon system, so you can buy things like wheels that give you extra cash when you perform a weapon hit, or wheels that grant you a shield for a few seconds, with an extended cooldown as a counterpoint. It’s a nice little tactical addition.

Table Top Racing World Tour Nitro Edition Switch split screen

While it looks decent enough with some very high-resolution textures, moves well, and contains many of the things you would call designing the ideal racing game, it lacks the “wow” moments.

Weapon effects are underplayed and rocket attacks don’t explode the other cars – it would have been fine to just revive them, but as it is they just slow down a bit, which is underwhelming. The track locations are too repetitive even though the layouts change throughout the game, contributing to a rather consistent experience despite the abundance of game types.

Table Top Racing World Tour Nitro Edition Switch Missile Attack

At the very least, the challenge increases significantly, and you’ll either have to try some events repeatedly or come back later with faster cars to get the full 3 stars in every event.

The game adds new features as you progress, including upgraded versions of the default weapons, so if you pick up more than one item box on the track you’ll get a beefed up version. It feels great to fire off a salvo of multiple missiles and watch them take out the racers in front of you.

Table Top Racing World Tour Nitro Edition Switch Supercar

There are also collectibles in the environment that will give you bonus credits for things like firing rockets at certain elements of the scenery. But with rather disappointing track layouts, everything feels a little “by the numbers” and gives you the features you want, but no more.

It’s a decent hit and, if you see it cheaply, will surely keep you entertained for a couple of hours. But it’s never terribly fun, and that’s the biggest downside. So a perfectly fine version of a decent game, but when all the *Straightens Draw* cars are on the table it just lacks spark.

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developer Playrise Digital Limited
release date May 1, 2019 (originally January 31, 2013)
Available Platforms Playstation 4, Android, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Playstation Vita, Nintendo Switch
version tested Nintendo switch
Best played with it Nintendo Switch handheld mode

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