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Teamwork is at the heart of upcoming Le Mans game, rFactor 2 testbed for new ‘competition system’

After a lengthy period of silence, attributed to a July 2021 interview by alongside mentions that the license still exists, some details about the title have come to light.

“Our plan [24 Hours of] The Le Mans title allows us to utilize the very best components of our world-class rFactor 2 simulation [platform]a focus on an opportunity that we believe exists in the racing genre,” said acting CEO Stephen Hood, who returned to the company last month.

The rFactor 2 platform is now over 10 years old and has been used for the last three Le Mans Virtual 24 Hours and the Le Mans Virtual Series Esports Championship. However, running the one-day event in 2023 presented technical challenges.

Mercedes-AMG Petronas Esports 2023 24 Hours of Le Mans Virtual, rFactor 2

The company is now likely to be working on a new version that will leverage elements of the existing platform and focus on collaborating with friends. There is also a plan to create a new online racing competition system using rFactor 2 as a testbed before it appears in the special Le Mans version.

“Think of any popular game these days and you’ll always find teams of friends working together to achieve goals,” Hood continued in the conversation.

“The racing genre has fostered a sense of extreme competitiveness for decades, which I believe is preventing the segment from growing rapidly.

“Le Mans and the World Endurance Championship (WEC) are all about teamwork. So it’s fitting that our long-planned foray into team racing begins with the release of our competitive system in the simulation game rFactor 2 – which has seen a useful period of growth thanks to the support of third-party community platforms, as well as our official quarterly release strategy content.

“From there, ahead of a wider release alongside the upcoming Le Mans game, we will gather valuable customer feedback which in turn should give us insights into the concept of team play in the racing genre.”

#889 LOR JMX Phantom 2023 24 Hours of Le Mans virtual#889 LOR JMX Phantom 2023 24 Hours of Le Mans Virtual, rFactor 2

The release schedule for the test system in rFactor 2 (which Hood confirmed later in the discussion would be rebranded for the official launch) has yet to be announced, a blog post from developers Studio 397 – owned by Motorsport Games – for April In the recent release of the Gen3 Formula E car said:

“2023 is a very exciting year for rFactor 2 and we have many more content and multiplayer updates to share with you soon!”

We can’t tell you all the secrets just yet, but let’s just say rFactor 2 will never be the same again…”

At the same earnings briefing, the new CEO also discussed a NASCAR Heat 5 DLC pack due for release in a few days, as well as the company’s recent financial results.

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