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Test Drive Unlimited The world of Solar Crown includes dynamic weather and hidden cars

We’ve known since the July 2020 announcement that Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown will be set on a 1:1 scale Hong Kong island, but now we know a bit more about how it was recreated.

1:1 scale, with some tweaks

The surrounding area will have over 600 km / 370 miles of roads to travel, be it on-road or off-road.

You see, some of Hong Kong’s footpaths have been slightly widened to accommodate vehicles that can be used for off-road mountain trails – hopefully evoking a feel for the KT Racing development team’s previous World Rally Championship games.

That’s not the only element optimized for the game.

Try the Solar Crown Unlimited Off-Road Trail

“For example, to emphasize fast and smooth driving, HKI’s very dense city network required some small adjustments due to certain small streets that were very (too?) narrow,” explained the game’s creative director, Alain Jarniou.

“Conversely, the main thoroughfares have been slightly redesigned to make them more entertaining and to accommodate very fast cars, while preserving the Hong Kong Island identity.”

There will be 14 regions, each with their own flavor.

Dynamic Weather

There will be a day-night change and dynamic weather conditions throughout the HKI, which of course means rain.

The development post explains that wet weather actually affects the physics engine, requiring a change in driving style and possibly matching tires.

Try the unlimited Solar Crown Night Time

However, it’s the following line that caught our eye:

“Don’t forget to turn on your wipers while you wait for the sun to come out so you can close the top again!” reads the update.

The team’s previous WRC games offered the ability to manually turn wipers on or off, and Forza Horizon 5 introduced the option to raise or lower the roof on certain convertibles. Could this also be true in Solar Crown?

Hidden car wrecks

A feature in Test Drive Unlimited 2, “wrecked cars” are making a return. These are hidden vehicles on the map that are in a sad state that you need to find in order to unlock them. If you haven’t played the 2011 game, titles like The Crew and Forza Horizon had similar concepts. The former with hidden car parts, the latter with barn finds.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Audi beach

Gas stations, speed traps, online challenges

Much like some contemporary competitors like Need for Speed ​​Unbound, driving through a gas station will fix your ride. Again, similar to Forza Horizon, there are speed traps that you can use to improve your top speeds. Instant challenges will appear to compete against online players you meet on your travels.

“HKI has a wide variety of locations and we wanted to reproduce as many of these environments as possible: from small coastal coves to mountain peaks to dense urban areas and swamps,” explains lead artist, Stéphane Cambier.

Try the Solar Crown Unlimited Gas Station

“Go in search of small fishing villages at the foot of the Tai Tam Tuk reservoir, which can only be reached via narrow paths. Then take the Dragon’s Back to reach Shek O and experience unforgettable gameplay moments only found in TDUSC.”

It all sounds pretty promising, and these latest screenshots look spectacular. Two key questions remain. How does it look in motion and how does it drive? We’ll find out later this year.

Source: Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown

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