The Asetek SimSports pack, branded by Tony Kanaan, is now available in the Micro Center

A new partnership in sim racing was announced on Friday (June 23) when Asetek SimSports and Tony Kanaan announced the two companies would be developing sim racing gear together, kicking off the relationship with a new TK sim gear pack , which is available through Canaan’s partners at Microcenter.

The package includes a 12Nm La Prima Direct Drive wheelbase, a pair of La Prima pedals and the La Prima steering wheel. These are Asetek’s entry-level products but fit into the ecosystem where they can all be upgraded.

These TK brand items can be viewed on the Asetek website, however they can only be purchased directly from the Micro Center. It says “Bundle” which would mean a discount for purchasing all items, but that doesn’t appear to be the case at Micro Center as the wheel base is $899.99 and the wheel and pedals are $499.99 each. cost dollars.

The package is intended to commemorate the opening of the new flagship Micro Center in Indianapolis. Kanaan has previously worked with Gomez Sim Industries (GSI) to offer their brand to the sim racing community and these wheels are also available for purchase through Micro Center.

However, Asetek is offering a more comprehensive package for TK to further its branding and it also said so in the deal announcement.

“When I decided to expand my range of TK Racing gaming products to include pedals, wheelbases and wheels, there was no question who I wanted to work with,” Kanaan said in the press release. “André (Eriksen) and the Asetek SimSports team have uniquely combined innovative design with software, hardware and mechanics to offer sim racers a real racing car feeling.”

Kevin Magnussen, Asetek SimSports

Asetek has also worked with Formula 1 driver Kevin Magnussen. With Kanaan, these are now two different open-wheel disciplines that Asetek has in store for future development.

Meanwhile, Canaan’s true pro racing career is coming to an end as he just competed in his last scheduled Indianapolis 500 last month. However, he is breaking out pretty big in Racing Esports as he teams up with Gustavo Ariel in the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup and also owns an eNASCAR team.

This eNASCAR team features Micro Centers on both cars driven by rookies Parker White and Tyler Garey. To make it short: The TK empire is expanding the sim racing area. Asetek is the newest one on board.

All 40 liveries for the opening round of the 2023 eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series season

Tony Kanaan x Asetek Sim Racing Bundle

  • 12 Nm Wheelbase Direct Drive ($899.99)
    • Industrial Danish design in the colors of Tony Kanaan
    • 12 Nm torque
    • Compatible with Asetek SimSports® Quick Release
    • Tested to over 200 million revolutions
    • 5-port USB-C hub
  • Sim Racing Pedals ($499.99)
    • Minimalist and slim design
    • MLCPC brake cylinder that withstands a force of 180 kg
    • Fully customizable in RaceHub
    • Replaceable pedal brake elastomers
  • Sim Racing Steering Wheel ($499.99)
    • 128 individual input options
    • 12 snaps
    • 2 seven-way toggle switches
    • 3 encoders with twelve positions
    • 2 non-contact magnetic paddle shifters

SOURCE: Asetek

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