The Cammus C5 is a baseless direct drive sim racing wheel

Wheelbases are now a thing of the past when you choose Cammus’ latest innovation.

The Chinese gear maker has previously entered the sim racing scene with the DDWB21 direct drive wheel base, available with either GT1 or GTS steering wheels.

However, the C5 throws conventional thinking overboard, as the Direct Drive Force Feedback system is built into the steering wheel itself. It technically means there is no separate wheelbase.

The end result is an external fan and mounting bracket that allows the unit to be placed on a cockpit at a number of possible angles. Table clamps are also available.

But the steering wheel’s main hub is where the unique features lie, as it houses a motor that’s said to put out up to 5Nm of power – but the final figure is yet to be confirmed.

It looks bulky as steering wheels, but as a complete unit it saves space.

All the buttons, including a small telemetry display, are placed on a carbon-fiber-look circular plate in the middle. There appear to be 20 push buttons and three multi-position switches and a row of RPM indicator LEDs.

Four of the buttons are used for menu navigation, and another four look almost identical to the PlayStation icons – ironic given that the company only supports PCs so far. Again, compatibility has yet to be confirmed directly by the company.

Cammus C5 rear

A thick flat-bottomed faux leather rim is attached, with a center mark at the top. There are also two tiny flashing and you’ll miss them paddle shifters on the rear – perhaps a downside of this particular layout.

It doesn’t look like you can swap out the rim as is, this is a complete unit.

Cammus C5 impeller

The advantage of this structure could be the price, in addition to possible space and weight savings. Cammus is positioned as a value brand in sim racing. We have not yet received the final cost including shipping and have contacted Cammus for clarification.

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