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The Crew 2 Season 9 Episode 1, American Legends released

We thought support for The Crew 2 would end once the rollout for the upcoming The Crew Motorfest began, but that’s not the case.

Motorflix and Motorpass updates will be available for the title from 2018 through 2024, and today (July 5, 2023) that commit was marked with Season 9 Episode 1: American Legends.

Curiously, in a US-themed update, the only new car in the lineup is the distinctively Italian Lancia Stratos. The mid-engine sports car is available as a road and rally variant.

In addition, the current generation of the Audi RS 3 Sportback appears as part of a premium package alongside the RS 7 Sportback.

Audi RS 3 Sportback The Crew 2

Of course, there are two new Motor Pass Seasons – where earning XP increases your level, and reaching set levels (paid and free) unlocks new cosmetic items and cars. Here you’ll find (mainly) American cars that have returned from past releases, which you can unlock again in case you missed them last time:

  • July 5 – Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Outclassed Edition
  • July 12 – Hummer H1 Alpha US Wildlife Watchers
  • July 26 – Chrysler 300SRT8 sedan
  • August 16 – Creator Yasiddesign X American Patrol Edition
  • August 16 – KTM X-BOW R Spear Racing Edition

In addition, the following four new vehicle versions will be available as part of the Motor Pass seasons.

  • Bugatti CHIRON SUPER SPORT 300+ Divine Edition (2019)
  • Ford MUSTANG BOSS 429 Lime Edition (1969)
  • Chevrolet CAMARO RS Ghost Edition (1969)
  • Nissan GT-R Haru Edition (2015)

The Crew 2 Season 9 Episode 1, American Legends Motor Pass

The highlight, however, is the possibility of formulating your own routes, setting start and end points as well as checkpoints and sharing them with the community.

This is called “Race Creator” and also allows you to set the time, weather, car category and traffic levels.

Starting today, four Treasure Hunt missions (called “Stories”) are also available to play, while a separate “Road to O’ahu” event will appear later on at an undisclosed date. There will also be a spate of (19) Live Summit community events, including one celebrating the game’s five year anniversary.

As for the paid DLC, the aforementioned outclassed Alfa Romeo Giula and Lancia Stratos (plus a classic Porsche 917K) can be purchased directly as a 5th Anniversary bundle if playing through Motorpass or earning sufficient in-game credits doesn’t suit you pleases.

The update is available to download live now on PC, PlayStation and Xbox and weighs in at over 30GB. The Crew 2 will be free to play from July 6-10, 2023.

The Crew July 2, 2023 Changelog for Season 9

Patch size per platform

  • PC: about 34.3GB.
  • PlayStation:
    • MENA: 31.2GB approx.
    • SCEJ: 31.8GB approx.
    • SCEA: 33.0GB approx.
    • SCEE: 34.2GB approx.
  • Xbox: about 35.22GB.

Patch sizes may vary depending on the game version.



  • [Added] Race Creator is here!
    • Players now have the ability to create, publish and share their own races.
  • [Added] Information on importing the Crew Motorfest Collection.
  • [Added] 4 new stories will be available in Episode 1, focusing on the background of some of The Crew Motorfest’s presenters: Malu, Pierce, Jim and Toji.
    • Episode 1 will also feature a new event, Road to O’ahu.
  • [Added] Purchases in two currencies.
    • The introduction of dual currency purchases allows you to complete a vehicle purchase in a different currency if you are short of the full amount in one currency.
  • [Added] Updated activity tickets with screenshots that accurately represent the events.



  • [Added] 93 washbasins, 58 included in the engine pass
    • Horns: 11 items
    • Nitros: 14 items
    • Outfits: 6 items
    • Roofs: 10 items
    • Smoke: 10 items
    • Tires: 21 items
    • Underglows: 16 items
    • Window tints: 5 items


  • [Added] 81 new packs throughout the season.
    • 19 Summit Packs
    • 24 individual packages
    • 19 cosmetic packs
    • 19 basic packages
      • New vehicle highlights in the headquarters and new vanity shop rotation every week.

LIVE Summit

  • [Added] 19 new LIVE Summits

game mode

  • [Added] 4 new stories have been added for this season.
    • 2 long stories.
    • 2 medium stories.

engine pass

  • [Added] Brand new engine pass divided into 2 episodes.
    • Each episode includes exclusive vehicle and vanity rewards.
    • 64 Fame-based seasonal challenges, 32 per episode. car pass


  • [Fixed] I can no longer see patches of grass in the concrete south of Miami.


  • [Added] New PvE events.
    • 1 new mixed event “Road to O’ahu”

activity menu


  • [Added] Race Creator tool
  • [Added] Community Races tab.


New vehicles

  • [Added] 24 new vehicles.


  • [Fixed] The Mclaren 765LT no longer has incorrect fender offset for widebody models

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