The Gran Turismo 7 update offers the possibility to purchase engine swaps and special parts

Anyone who owns a car that has an engine swap feature will soon be able to visit GT Auto in-game and purchase a new device.

The option is only available to those who have reached Collector level 50 and can be found in the maintenance area of ​​the service center. In the example shown, fitting a 2020 spec engine to a 1998 Honda Civic Type R will cost 127,500 credits.

Previously, engines could only be purchased through the roulette ticket system – one ticket per day is unlocked by completing 26,219 miles, or additional tickets are earned by completing certain challenges such as extra cafe menus. Below is our guide to how it worked prior to the May update.

Presumably engines in Gran Turismo 7 can still be obtained the same way to save the GT Auto cost and if you are under level 50. We’ll know more when the update comes out on May 25, 2023.

It’s not the only game mechanic to receive an overall rating, as special parts are now available in the tuning shop thanks to a new Ultimate tab. We’re sure Rupert will be pleased…

Like engine swaps, these “S parts” were previously only available via roulette tickets and only apply to certain vehicles. Examples include ultra high RPM turbochargers, stage 5 weight reduction or carbon prop shafts.

Gran Turismo 7 buys special parts

Both special parts and unlocked engines have been stored in your garage, and we’ve linked below to our previous guide on this process.

It remains to be seen if you will be able to sell these parts after tomorrow’s update. While they currently have a recommended value in your garage, there is no way to earn that amount.

What else is new? Well, rather smugly, our prediction of the three new cars was correct, the exact specs and years of manufacture are confirmed below:

  • Nissan GT-R NISMO (R32) ’90
  • Greening Auto Company Maverick
  • Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT Veloce ’67

Two more extra cafe menus will be added, one for SEMA award winners and one for Group A homologation specials. Oh, and the National Stadium (Tokyo) and Lake District will be added to the Scapes photo mode.

We’ll get back to you in the morning with graduation prices, car prices, and any other quality of life changes.

Release Date of Gran Turismo May 7 Update 1.34

May 25, 2023.

Pictures: Gran Turismo

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