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The Invicta Quick Release Adapter Kit from Asetek SimSports is coming this month

Asetek SimSport’s vision of enabling a more free-flowing sim racing bike and wheelbase ecosystem has taken another significant step forward with the Invicta Quick Release.

The goal is to have a simple quick release system without having to plug in a USB cable or connect to a wireless (or Bluetooth) system every time you connect a steering wheel to your base. Instead, the Asetek process includes a satisfying paddle and slide mechanism for connecting the devices, including the electronic interface (wireless USB).

We tested it at SimRacing Expo last December and were impressed with its usability and stability. The company then planned to introduce this system in two ways for wheels outside of its own range: as an adapter kit and as a ready-to-use fitment by third-party wheel manufacturers.

The latter system is still in development, although a recent video from the company once again shows the system installed on the back of an Ascher Racing unit. 11 manufacturers have now joined the initiative.

  • Asher Racing
  • BayerischSimTec
  • Cube Controls
  • Gomez Sim Industries (GSI)
  • rexing
  • SimCore
  • Simline
  • Trak Racer
  • VPG Sim
  • Soelpec
  • Delta Simtech

The former, a kit for use with existing gear, has now been revealed in its final form. The Invicta Quick Release Adapter Kit includes three adapter lengths (80mm, 150mm and 200mm), a flange (supports 70mm and 50.8mm bolt patterns), screws, allen wrenches and the quick connect assembly. The cable can be hidden in the length of the quick change adapter.

Production was pushed back to allow for a brand new CNC machine to produce the parks in Denmark.

Asetek SimSports Invicta Quick Release Adapter Kit

“We have ordered a new CNC machine, but unfortunately it takes two months to receive it,” said André Eriksen, Founder and CEO of Asetek SimSports.

“But it shows that we are committed to it. We bought this machine just to make that.”

Asetek SimSports Invicta quick change adapter set

The set will be available for €149.99/$149.99. There will also be a bundle where if you buy four, you’ll get a fifth set at no extra cost.

Source: Asetek SimSports

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