The most popular challenges return with Wreckfest’s Solo Tournament

The latest tournament is live for Wreckfest as of Wednesday (September 7, 2022). The solo tournament is here and there are more chances to gain glory and grab the gold starting with these returning challenges from past tournaments.

The Wreckfest is officially moving away from the ranked-based challenges that require you to place within a certain percentile in order to gain fame levels over an extended period of time. To celebrate, some of the most popular challenges return, but aim to be beaten in a solo environment as opposed to a global leaderboard.

This means that the goal posts are stagnant and will not change in the future. It can sometimes be frustrating to get to a point where you barely manage to win gold, silver or bronze only to be knocked down a tier moments later.

At release, you can participate in the standard daily, weekly, and even seasonal challenges. However, the Season’s Challenge will only last for a couple of weeks, and right after that, a new Solo Challenge will take its place. Right now, the Season’s Challenge is Road Rage, while the Weekly Challenge is Demolition Race.

All in all, this means more chances to get more fame, and more fame means more chances to unlock items from the tournament store.

Launched almost a year ago, the HOTBOMB is still the latest addition to the vehicle in the Tournament Store. The new solo tournament method should allow more players to save up to buy it for 500,000 Fame. Much luck!

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