The next Forza Horizon 5 update in June, Explore the Horizon, is themed “Overlanding”.

On Friday (April 21), the monthly Forza stream gave Forza Horizon 5 players a glimpse of what’s to come at the upcoming May festival, titled High Performance. It all begins next week (April 27) and will continue through most of May.

What’s expected for the 21st festival update, which will begin in late May (May 25) and last through June, is something that will be called “Explore the Horizon.” The festival’s Coming Soon tab, which players will see when High Performance begins, says “Overlanding Modifications”.

Okay, what exactly does THAT mean?

“Overlanding is basically camping by car,” said Chris Phillips, Vehicle Director. “Think ‘roof top tents’, think all the things you want to take with your car into the wilderness.”

So if I could just put my speculative hat on for a second… We just had the Rally Adventure expansion and with it some new mods for additional and optional rally style parts like bumpers and light housings for a select list of vehicles.

We have to assume this will be a similar type of supplement, right? Probably only for off-road vehicles, so sorry, there probably won’t be a tent add-on for your new Lamborghini Huracan STO. We’d also think there will be some Overlanding-themed off-road cars too, fitting with the theme.

Something to look out for, I suppose. The “Explore the Horizon” festival is expected to start on May 25th. For now, however, we have less than a week left from the Midnights at Horizon Festival before it switches to High Performance on April 27th.

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