The Open Wheel Manager 2 published by MicroProse is scheduled for play testing in June

Before we get too hasty, MicroProse is a very different company from the company (and owned by a different organization) that created Grand Prix 1-4, Grand Prix Manager and Grand Prix World. Still, there’s something romantic about seeing that name being ascribed to a new race management game.

In the sequel to the 2019 original, you’ll oversee races at 16 different tracks, and while not an officially licensed product, you’ll provide both ERS and DRS management.

In fact, freed from the shackles of the real world, there will be 12 playable teams, 42 drivers and six engine suppliers with a driver market. Five different facilities can be built and upgraded.

Each race is modeled in 3D, which was not implemented in the original but is based on the classic management sim style of points on a map. In addition to fictional sponsors, there is also the opportunity to customize the livery of your car and the races are commentated by Jake Sanson.

The title is now wishlistable via Steam on PC, and while there’s no release date yet, you can also register your interest for a playtest that’s set to begin on June 2nd, 2023.

As with any management title, the test will be whether there is enough depth to allow for hundreds of hours of progression. We hope to find out soon.

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