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The Rocket League Birthday Ball celebration runs through July 12

July 7th marks Rocket League’s eighth birthday since the game was released on that day in 2015. To date, Rocket League remains one of the most popular video game titles around, with constant product updates and new content.

Even though it’s not a racing game, we still appreciate it here at Traxion.GG. The soccer car hybrid (or football car if you don’t live in the United States) is also one of the most popular esports, and many of their content updates revolve around cars and platforms we love, like NASCAR. Formula 1 and everything else.

In this sense we say: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Rocket League! To celebrate her birthday, Psyonix has brought back the so-called “Birthday Ball,” which is more or less a celebration that will include special game modes and rewards over the next two weeks.

These game modes include Super Cube, Beach Ball, and a variety of other challenges. There are special items to unlock in the item shop, all themed in the birthday black and white color scheme. This started on June 28th and will last until July 12th.

“Get ready to celebrate the most important birthday in the world – the birth of rocket league. Now it’s time to remember Soccar’s eight glory years and earn some style challenge rewards while you’re at it, including up to 300 credits. Dress up in classic black and white Noire gear from the item shop and let the party continue as a couple Limited time modes.

The Birthday Ball is live from June 28th to July 12th!”

Source: Rocket League

Some of the added extra content you can add to your profile during the birthday ball celebration.

As I said, the game is constantly spawning new content. Just in the last two months have we seen how Rocket League’s Bumblebee from Transformers, a licensed Nissan Silvia, is Dominic Toretto’s new Fast

Life in Soccar-Land is good, people have been working on it for eight years. If you want to learn more about the Rocket League Birthday Ball Celebration, visit the official website. Happy Birthday!

SOURCE: Rocket League

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