The role of vision in driving

First of all, good visibility does not necessarily mean that you can see well, but that you can absorb as much information as possible from the track in the shortest possible time.

If we look closely at a driver, most of the inputs they make to the car, be it braking, steering or accelerating, come from what they see on the track. So knowing where to look on the track is crucial for a fast and consistent driver.

Optimized FoV

Most drivers starting out in SimRacing or in real life have a short and narrow field of vision, which means they can’t see far enough or far enough around the racetrack.

Reduced visibility hampers most aspects of track driving as corners seem to be coming faster, resulting in the driver not making the right decisions about where to brake, turn, apex, or re-accelerate.

In the world of sim racing, knowing where to look, having the right positioning on the screens, and a good field of view are crucial. Spend time adjusting parameters or jump into VR where the aspect ratio to reality is close to 1:1.

Jean Alesi – Correct position

A professional driver must always think outside the box and use peripheral vision to anticipate events and movements. So before you know how to drive, you need to know where to look.

See you on the track!

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