The second round of the Gran Turismo World Series Manufacturers Cup takes place this weekend

Round 2 of the 2022 Gran Turismo World Series Manufacturers Cup will be broadcast this Sunday 25th September.

The Gran Turismo World Series continues this weekend, with the second round of the Manufacturers Cup being broadcast on Sunday 25th September.

While it won’t be a live in-person event, following the final showdown meeting in Austria {CHEKC]the pre-recorded race will be available on the YouTube channel from 2pm BST / 3pm CEST / 6am PT be featured by Gran Turismo TV / 9 p.m. ET.

Broadcast of Round 2 of the Gran Turismo World Series

One driver per registered car manufacturer will be admitted to the competition. That means a grid of 12 different cars racing in the 24-hour configuration at the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps. After a qualifying session, the race is over 10 laps in Gr.3 machines.

The three best receive points for their manufacturer. So far, Takuma Miyazono won the opening round for Subaru in July, followed by a surprise win for championship debutant Kylian Drumont paired with Daniel Solis at the August showdown.

Tom Brooks and Jimmy Broadbent, Gran Turismo World Series 2022Tom Brooks and Jimmy Broadbent will comment again.

Drumont will also represent the Japanese brand this coming weekend. Former McLaren Shadow Series winner Igor Fraga returns for Toyota again, while AMG’s Baptiste Beauvois will try to make up for a last-lap mistake during the opening round of the Nations Cup.

Predict the winners

In Gran Turismo 7 you can now navigate to the top right corner of the world map on the main screen and predict the winners of the second round of the Manufacturers Cup and the upcoming Nations Cup race on October 9th.

Gran Turismo World Series Bonus Round 2

Correctly guess the winners with the bonus campaign, and you’ll get 500,000 in-game credits per correct answer, for a maximum reward of up to 1,000,000.

List of participants for Round 2 of the Gran Turismo World Series Manufacturers Cup

  • AMG—Baptiste Beauvois
  • BMW – Erik Cases Vazquez
  • Chevrolet – Adriano Carrazza
  • Genesis – Nicolas Romero
  • Jaguar – Adam Tapai
  • Mazda Giorgio Mangano
  • Mitsubishi—Joss Legrand
  • Nissan—Harald Walsen
  • Porsche—Angel Inostroza
  • Subaru-Kylian Drumont
  • Toyota—Igor Fraga
  • Volkswagen-Seiya Suzuki

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