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This is how red flags work in F1 23 game

For the upcoming EA Sports F1 23 release on June 16th, one of the returning features will be the inclusion of red flags in each race event if you so choose. The option is available to players in both single player and online multiplayer modes.

Red flags are usually a worst-case scenario in Formula 1. Real-world examples would include serious accidents, such as when Zhou Guanyu flew off the start of last season’s British Grand Prix, or extreme weather conditions, such as when it rained at Spa two years ago.

This marks the first time Red Flags have featured in this franchise since the 2014 Codemasters-developed title. How are these warning signals supposed to work? Thankfully, EA answered some of those details in an in-depth video on Thursday (May 11).


As with real-world Formula 1 races, each race has multiple ways to trigger red flags, provided they are enabled.

The most obvious way will be a big crash. In F1 2014, the last time there were red flags in this franchise, they were triggered this way: by a wreck large enough to practically block the track. This is expanded and the probability can be increased, decreased or eliminated entirely… more on that in a moment.

They can also be triggered by a stalled car coming to rest in an unsafe position. These are your general racing failures. If the car doesn’t make it to a safe area and the Red Flag option is enabled, this can result in a complete game break, requiring the car to be removed.

The weather is just another possible trigger for alarm signals. Yes, even I remember that fateful day at Spa a few seasons ago, with torrential rain and some saves for a few laps. If you have red flags enabled and it rains heavily enough in-game, the race may be canceled to allow the track to dry off a little.

It seems like the goal is to keep this feature as realistic as possible, but I suppose that depends on how you set the red flag sensitivity in the options.

Set your trigger level

Players are offered four options for red flags in F1 23: Off, Reduced, Default, or Boosted. The system monitors track conditions and, based on your selection, determines whether it is sufficient for a red flag or just one of the two safety car options.

If you don’t want to turn it on, you can turn it off entirely, just like a safety car and virtual safety car can do. The hell with pile-ups, who cares if there’s a pond on the other side of the track?

Of course, Standard is likely to mimic something the FIA ​​would do at a given race, and given their recent competitive resurgence (see: Baku 2021, Australia 2023, etc.) there are likely to be a few occurrences over the course of a season. In a one-on-one race, the odds are probably lower.

If you want an even lower chance, there’s the Reduced setting, which comes with a “lower chance” of a red flag. This will likely require a major incident or monsoon, but probably not a problem if someone stops along the way.

For those who like living in chaos, there is an Elevated option. I’d hope something as small as a spin wouldn’t set off warning signs, but you don’t know until it happens to you. It could end up being a multi-red race, with your strategies being turned upside down multiple times.


Speaking of strategy: the red flag phases are not only used to stop the race and prepare for a new start. Strategy is required, which could determine your race.

When a race is paused and the cars are brought into the pit lane, players can make important decisions for their race, e.g. B. whether they put on a different set of tires or make the next pit stop in the race. Players can also repair some of the damage they take.

Of course, you can choose not to do any of this. If your tire contingent doesn’t allow it or the race is almost over and you’ve already settled on the strategy, it will really only be a restart phase.

But maybe after about 35 percent of a race or so, when a red flag stops the action, maybe you can change your strategy and win the race.

What do you think of the returning feature? Will you turn them on, and if so, how do you think it will change the flow of the game? Let us know in the comments!

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