Thrustmaster: A datum for the direct drive steering wheel

Thrustmaster listened to users and gave us some time without teasers and blank content. Now we have a date to see what they’ve been working on. The Direct Drive steering wheel base is revealed and then we can talk about what’s been a long time ago.

We were called to their Twitch channel for November 17th at 4pm BST. That’s almost two months from now. It’s been practically a year since news broke that they were working on something to take on Fanatec. Along the way we have new competitors and a much tougher scenario than just going up against Fanatec. Moza Racing R9, Asetek, Cammus, XXX etc have products that can take away part of a market that by 2020 was virtually secured.

In the test of the T-GT II we dealt with the topic of loss of time. The five years that had passed since the first version to present the same product with hardly any innovations. Logitech sinned the same, and now they’re finding that one of their strongholds could be almost completely lost with less R&D investment. We’ll see if the proposal presented by Thrustmaster in November is enough to get many on board.

We remember well-known:

  • All current Thrustmaster add-ons are compatible, so the connection system is the same.
    The hexagonal light is due to the shape of the base (when you turn up the brightness it looks full) which is also hexagonal and retains grooves on 3 sides to increase cooling to the shape of the CSL DD. The hexagonal shape means it can only be anchored to the bottom of standard trays.
  • The hexagon shaped light is almost certainly an aesthetic embellishment, forming part of the base at the front.
  • The base is announced for PC as a PlayStation product is more time consuming due to Sony involvement and licensing.

It looks like it at the moment.

See you on the track!

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