Thrustmaster introduces a T818 pack with SF1000

Until then it was only a matter of time push master released a package consisting of a base and steering wheel when the T818 was launched. We found the base to be quite decent with its sustained 10Nm and support from its entire existing ecosystem.

Now this pack is being released ahead of another upcoming launch which is the new replica steering wheel for the Ferrari 488 GT3while at the same time using its partnership with Ferrari to make a strong comeback in a market that had been put on hold and awaiting its new base.

The package includes the steering wheel with table mounts and Ferrari customization for 1099 euros. If we were to buy everything separately on the official store, without the Ferrari customization it would cost us from 1050 to 1099 euros, so we think it would have been interesting to stay at 999 euros, especially since it is only compatible with PC.

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