Trackmania coming to consoles in early 2023: everything you need to know

Trackmania’s free-to-play reboot has been available on PC since 2020, but will soon be available for PlayStation, Xbox, Stadia and Luna players with cross-platform capabilities.

The free, vehicle-based competition platform Trackmania will be available on the current PlayStation and Xbox consoles in early 2023.

Originally released in 2020, the current title is a reboot of the critically acclaimed driving series in which you drive cars with pinpoint accuracy over short courses of increasing difficulty and online leaderboards.

It also has a strong community component with a loyal following thanks in part to the Trackmania Grand League World Cup eSports competition and several independent organizations.

Ubisoft+ game subscription service is coming to Xbox

Developed by Ubisoft Nadeo in Paris, France, over 280,000 tracks have been created by the community to date and all will be accessible to console players when these versions are released.

A Royal mode reminiscent of Fall Guys but in cars was added in 2021. In April, the Spring 2022 campaign added 25 new maps, 100 new medals, and more than 130 new blocks.

It follows Trackmania Turbo, the last game in the franchise to launch on consoles when it was released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2016.

Trackmania Console Platforms

Trackmania will appear alongside the existing PC options for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

cloud services

Trackmania will also launch on Google Stadia and Amazon Luna at the same time as the consoles.

Free to play with optional subscriptions

Anyone with a PC can download and play Trackmania for free through the Ubisoft and Epic Games stores. The same goes for the console and cloud service versions.

However, two paid subscription levels are available:

  • default access – Daily picks and club solos, live events and club room, create tracks (and test online)
  • access to the club – Join and play public or private clubs, create your own club and customize car design

At the free tier, events like the cup of the day are simply not available, and then Club Access allows for the creation of private clubs and competitions.

Free players still have access to the seasonal campaigns that come out every three months.

Cross-platform play

Luckily, these new versions of Trackmania will include cross-platform play with each other and with existing PC players. Progression is also transferrable to other devices, and the console editions with racing content are on par with the PC version.

Trackmania console and cloud release date

Trackmania will be released on consoles and cloud services in early 2023.

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