Trail Braking: An advanced driving technique in Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7, the popular racing game developed by Polyphony digitaloffers players the opportunity to improve their driving skills and master different ones driving techniques. One such technique is track brakesa advanced driving Technology that can optimize a car’s braking and handling behavior when entering a corner.

What is trail braking?

trail brakes is a technique where the brakes are applied as the steering wheel is turned, rather than braking before turning in a straight line. The idea behind trail braking is to use the car’s weight transfer to help it steer more smoothly into corners. When you brake, the car’s weight shifts forward, which can help the front tires grip the road better and make corners easier. Trail brakes allow you to brake deeper into corners and carry more speed through the corner weight transfer helps maintain traction.

This is how the trail brake works

Approach at the beginning of the corner and brake gently and gradually while turning the steering wheel. This shifts the weight of the car forward and helps the front tires grip the road better, making cornering easier smoother. After gently braking and turning into the corner, the next step in trail braking is gently releasing the brake pedal. This shifts the car’s weight back to the rear end, which can help keep the rear tires on the road and maintain stability. It is important to gently release the brake pedal to avoid a sudden jerk or wheel lock, which could result in loss of car control.

Adjusting your brake settings

How much braking power and pressure you use depends on factors such as the car you drive and specific driving situations. In Gran Turismo 7 you can adjust your car’s brake balance and pedal pressure to optimize your performance and suit your driving style. The key is to practice finding the right points with ease and adjusting them to suit your personal needs.

Common mistakes to avoid

There are a few common mistakes to avoid when doing trail braking. Braking too hard can cause the front tires to lock and the car to skid. If you brake too late, you can miss the apex of the corner and go too far. Not gently releasing the brake pedal can cause the car to lose stability and skid. It is important that you take your time and practice your technique to avoid these mistakes and keep your car under control.

Understand vehicle characteristics

Understanding the specific characteristics of the vehicle you are driving is critical to its response to in-lane braking. For example, front-wheel drive cars tend to do this understeer, meaning the front tires won’t spin as much as the driver intends during lane braking. In this case, the driver should apply less brake pressure to the front wheels to reduce understeer and help the car corner more easily.

Final Thoughts

Rear braking is an advanced riding technique that takes time and practice to master. It’s important to start with the basics and gradually build your skills over time. Adjusting your brake settings is crucial to optimizing your car’s performance, and understanding your car’s specific characteristics can help you respond to lane braking and keep your car under control. With patience and practice, you can use trail braking to improve your lap times and overall driving performance in Gran Turismo 7.

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